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Geophysical Methods

The geophysical methods section of the website presents a more comprehensive discussion of the geophysical methods and theory. This section is divided into two broad categories, surface methods, and borehole methods. To develop a complete understanding of the theory and science of geophysical methods requires an understanding of the geophysical properties involved in the methodology.


The pages found under Surface Methods and Borehole Methods are substantially based on a report produced by the United States Department of Transportation:

Wightman, W. E., Jalinoos, F., Sirles, P., and Hanna, K. (2003). "Application of Geophysical Methods to Highway Related Problems." Federal Highway Administration, Central Federal Lands Highway Division, Lakewood, CO, Publication No. FHWA-IF-04-021, September 2003. http://www.cflhd.gov/resources/agm/Exit EPA Disclaimer



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