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Warnings and Special Considerations

The following warnings and special considerations should be noted when their corresponding situations are encountered. These warnings and special considerations are generated in the results section of the Geophysical Decision Support System (GDSS) and are therefore most applicable to the GDSS.


Survey When Dry

A site needs to be surveyed when dry in the following situations:


Dry Surface Requires Significant Field Procedures

Significant field procedures are required to couple with a dry surface in the following situations:


Some Methods Difficult or Impossible

Some methods become difficult* or impossible in the following scenarios: .

*Some examples above represent difficult measurement situations; however, in many cases advancements in technology or exerienced professionals can effectively deal with the perceived difficulty, ultimately providing valid results.

The pages found under Surface Methods and Borehole Methods are substantially based on a report produced by the United States Department of Transportation:

Wightman, W. E., Jalinoos, F., Sirles, P., and Hanna, K. (2003). "Application of Geophysical Methods to Highway Related Problems." Federal Highway Administration, Central Federal Lands Highway Division, Lakewood, CO, Publication No. FHWA-IF-04-021, September 2003. http://www.cflhd.gov/resources/agm/Exit EPA Disclaimer












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