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Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Please see www.epa.gov/nsr for the latest information on EPA's New Source Review program.

Non Attainment Memos

The following are brief one line descriptions of the Non Attainment memos that exist in a compendium of EPA policy and guidance documents called the New Source Review: Prevention of Significant Deterioration and Nonattainment Area Guidance Notebook. Clicking on a description will load the abstract file. The abstract file contains a brief synopsis of the memo. From there you may either view the entire document on line or download the entire document in PDF format. A number will appear at the upper left hand side of page 1 of each document. This number corresponds to the hardcopy document number in the Guidance Notebook. You will also find in each abstract, other document numbers which indicate other sections of the Guidance Notebook (by NSR topic areas) in which that same document is abstracted. Documents for a specific topic area can be found by using the ATTNWEB Search Page.

New documents and abstracts are no longer placed here but are now located in the Uncategorized Policy @ Guidance Docs site. The memos found here are those that have also been provided in the published PSD Guidance Workbook.

January 9, 1987 Interpretation of the Policy on Compliance with Statutory Provisions of Part D 27.4

January 25, 1978 Applicability of the Emission Offset Policy 24.4

May 27, 1980 New Source Review Requirements in Areas Unclassified for Ozone 24.8

July 15, 1977 Interpretative Ruling: Allowable Emissions Baseline 25.3

March 17, 1989 Offset exemption for resource recovery facilities in Part 231 of the New York SIP. 25.14

October 11, 1985 Acceptability of Emission Offsets 25.9

February 27, 1979 Policy Decisions re: CAA Requirements Strategic Petroleum Reserve 22.4

June 5, 1978 Determination of Interpretative Ruling (IR) 23.10

June 13, 1978 Impact of Secondary Emissions in New Source Reviews 24.5

March 17, 1977 Response to Action Memorandum - Policy for New Sources in Non-Attainment Areas, Hampton Roads Oil Refinery 25.1

October 29, 1987 LAER Applicability Relocated Coating Lines 26.3

March 14, 1977 New Source Offset Against I/M 25.17

March 23, 1978 LAER Standards - U.S.S. Corporation 26.1

October 17, 1977 New Source Review Modeling Emission Baselines 22.2

March 28, 1978 Jewell Coal and Coke Company - Applicability of Condition 2 of the Interpretative Ruling 23.13

October 24, 1980 Definition of "Installation" in Nonattainment Regulations 23.23

March 2, 1990 Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) for New Automobile Assembly Plants 26.9

April 8, 1980 New Source Review Requirements for Lead 28.3

December 24, 1980 RACT/LAER Determination for Casket Coaters 26.15

November 10, 1987 Review of air emissions from a landfill site in Ventura County 23.26

December 30, 1977 Offset Requirements for U.S. Steel's Fairfield Modernization 26.2

August 29, 1988 Transfer of Technology in Determining Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER) 26.5

September 11, 1986 Ozone Control Strategy - Regional Office Review of Potential in Improvements In New Source Review (NSR) Regulations 27.3

April 2, 1979 Enforceability Requirements under Condition 2 of the Emission Offset Policy 27.1

June 17, 1977 Clarification of our determination that the "emission offset" ruling (41 FR 55525) does not apply to FEA's Choctaw Salt Dome project 27.2

December 1, 1988 RACT Requirements in Ozone Nonattainment Areas 26.6

April 13, 1977 Emission Offset Policy 22.1

September 15, 1977 Interpretation of Offset Policy 23.6

May 22, 1986 Use of Banked Emission Reduction Credits (ERC's) as Both External Offsets and Reasonable Further Progress (RFP) Reductions 25.10

April 25, 1988 LAER Emission Limits for Automobile and Light-Duty Truck Topcoat Operations 26.4

March 10, 1980 Emission Offset Requirements in Secondary Standard Total Suspended Particulate Plans 25.4

August 9, 1989 LAER Determination for a Previously Constructed Source 26.10

May 6, 1977 "emission offset" policy (41 FR 55525) application to FEA's Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) Program 22.3

March 28, 1986 Applicability of Nonattainment New Source Review(NSR) to Tennessee Valley Authority Shawnee Plant Demonstration Project 23.19

September 30, 1977 Determination of Emission Points Subject to LAER 23.7

May 16, 1977 Emissions Offset Policy-City of Philadelphia 25.2

April 14, 1980 Federal Enforceability of Offsets in State Implementation Plan Programs 25.11

November 3, 1977 Offset Credit; G.M. Plant, Shreveport, La. 25.5

February 6, 1990 Determination of Lowest Achievable Emission Rate for Coors Container Corporation Canline CX3 26.12

June 28, 1985 Applicability discussion for sources using EPA Seasonal Afterburner Policy 22.5

September 18, 1978 Does combustion of municipal sewage sludge would qualify as "municipal solid waste" 23.2

January 1, 1978 Resumption of operation of a Portland General Electric plant 23.9

March 17, 1989 Further response to petition regarding the emissions offset exemption for resource recovery facilities 25.15

December 28, 1988 Emission Offset Exemptions for Resource Recovery Facilities (RRF's) 25.13

April 11, 1978 Offset Policy - Marathon Oil Company, Garyville,Louisiana 25.7

August 8, 1980 Request for Confirmation re: 100-Ton Source 22.11

April 8, 1977 "Interpretative Ruling" application to the relocation of an existing asphalt 23.1

February 27, 1987 Plantwide Definition Of Major Stationary Sources of Air Pollution 23.20

October 6, 1987 Emissions from Landfills 23.21

February 24, 1989 Cut-off Date for Determining LAER in Major New Source Permitting 26.7

January 31, 1989 Use of the growth allowable contained in Part D SIPs 28.7

June 19, 1986 AM General Corporation FINDING OF VIOLATION 23.22

February 28, 1989 Guidance on Determining Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER)26.8

May 10, 1987 Confirmation r: 100-Ton Exemption 22.12

June 16, 1981 Applicability determination for the Richmond Lube Oil Project 21.2

August 26, 1981 EPA's requirements for nonattainment areas 21.3

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