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Sustainable Environment for Quality of Life

Environmental Decision Toolkit
SEQL Study Area
The SEQL region ecompasses 15 counties in North & South Carolina.
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The greater Charlotte/Gastonia/Rock Hill region encompasses 15 counties in North & South Carolina, has over 117 political jurisdictions, and has a population of roughly 2.1 million people. The region is projected to grow by an additional 1.8 million people by the year 2030 (85% growth). This growth is projected to bring many challenges: sprawl, air quality problems, and associated concerns of decreased quality of life.   Because these challenges are common to many areas, they offer the opportunity to develop and demonstrate a regional integrated planning strategy. SEQL will address these challenges by:

How has ReVA supported local decision making ?

As part of the SEQL partnership, ReVA is actively researching topics of interest to decision makers in the SEQL region. ReVA has tailored the Environmental Decision Toolkit (EDT) to fit the local conditions found within the 15 counties encompassing the SEQL region, and  named this version of the toolkit the Regional Growth Decision Toolkit (RGDT).  In addition, ReVA: 

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