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Many organizations partner with ReVA to research, monitor, and assess regional vulnerability. To learn more about ReVA partners, explore the different sections below.

Other Federal Agencies

Some of our partners are other federal agencies that are conducting important work in the areas of landscape ecology and characterization.

USDA Forest Service:

Forest Health Monitoring Program
Forest Health Protection


Water Resources
Biological Resources

Tennessee Valley AuthorityExit EPA Disclaimer


University scientists contribute original research, data analysis, and modeling about stressors and ecological processes.

North Carolina State UniversityExit EPA Disclaimer

University of Maryland Center for Environmental ScienceExit EPA Disclaimer

University of Tennessee Department of GeographyExit EPA Disclaimer

Duke UniversityExit EPA Disclaimer

Michigan State UniversityExit EPA Disclaimer

Purdue UniversityExit EPA Disclaimer

Local and State Government

Community participation and setting socioeconomic policies such as zoning and taxes occur at the state and local level.

Centralina Council of GovernmentsExit EPA Disclaimer

North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural ResourcesExit EPA Disclaimer

South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental ControlExit EPA Disclaimer

Advocacy Groups

Several non-governmental organizations working with the ReVA program.

The Nature Conservancy Exit EPA Disclaimer


The ReVA program is run by the Office of Research and Development but several EPA program offices are partners with ReVA to research, monitor, and assess regional vulnerability.

Office of Research and Development


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