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Software & Webware Systems

Environmental Information Management System

EIMS The EIMS site is a repository for scientific documentation that can be easily accessed with standard Web browsers to place a virtual library on your desktop. Here you will find descriptive information (metadata) for data sets, databases, documents, models, projects, and spatial environmental data.

Digital Watershed

The Digital Watershed Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer is an environmental software system developed to bring together disparate environmental datasets into one common application.

Watershed Health Assessment Tools Investigating Fisheries

WHATIF WHATIF is software that integrates a number of calculators, tools, and models for assessing the health of watersheds and streams with an emphasis on fish communities in the Mid-Atlantic Highland region.

Project Gigalopolis

SLEUTH Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer The US Geological Survey in collaboration with the Department of Geography, UC Santa Barbara, research regarding urban dynamics through environmental simulation modeling of urban growth. SLEUTH is the evolutionary product of the Clarke Urban Growth Model that uses cellular automata, terrain mapping and land cover deltatron modeling to address urban growth.

Long-Term Hydrologic Impact Assessment

LTHIA Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer is designed to help these people to quantify the impact of land use change on the quantity and quality of their water.

Alternative Futures

Southeast Watershed Forum

SWFLink to EPA's External Link Disclaimer specializes to enhance local watershed initiatives through education, training and regional dialog, the SWF engages in developing alternative future scenarios.

Resources for the Future

RFF Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer began in 1952 with a mission to be an independent institute dedicated exclusively to analyzing environmental, energy, and natural resource topics.

Ecosystem Services

US Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Ecological Research  The Office of Research & Development is researching all aspects of ecosystem services. 

US Forest Services Ecosystem Services

USFS The US Forest Service is exploring national opportunities to advance markets and payments for ecosystem services.

Ecological Society of America

ESA Toolkit The Ecological Society of America developed a series of Tool Kits to increase the public's awareness of the importance of ecosystem services. 

Natural Capital Project

NCP  Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer The Natural Capital Project is researching how improve how humankind uses the world's lands and waters by making clear the economic and life-sustaining services they provide. 

Valuing Ecosystem Services

Valuing Ecosystem Services: Toward Better Environmental Decision-Making Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer A book published by the National Academies' National Research Council in 2004 which provides n excellent background of the issues pertaining to ecosystem services.  

Ecosystem Services Project

Ecosystem Services Project Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer is sponsored by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia's national science agency and a variety of partners.  The Ecosystem Services Project seeks to have scientists and communities learn together about how to deliver the right information to policy developers and decision makers to move towards more sustainable land management practices.


Ecological Indicators

EPA Biological Indicators

EPA BioIndicators EPA’s website on a wide variety of biological indicators.

Ecological Indicators for the Nation

National Indicators Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer A book published by the National Academies' National Research Council in 2000 which discusses and outlines ecological indicators for the United States.

EPA STAR Ecological Indicator Grants

EPA Science To Achieve Results (STAR) grant program was established in 1995 to augment EPA’s research and scientific activities and improve the scientific foundations of decision making processes. The STAR program increased EPA’s access to the nation’s best and brightest scientists through coordinated funding to academic institutions.

Ecological Indicators

Ecological Indicators Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer The journal Ecological Indicators published by Elsevier.

Place Based Information

The Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Research Consortium

PNC-ERC Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer works to characterize ecosystem condition and change in the Pacific Northwest, identify and understand critical processes and evaluate alternative future outcomes.

Midwest Spatial Decision Support System Partnership

Waterspace is developing, promoting, and disseminating a web-based spatial decision support systems to help manage watersheds in the Midwest


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