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ReVA Publications and Presentations

You will find briefings, posters, brochures and a list of publications from ReVA's projects. Descriptions of on-going projects are also available.

You will need the free Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Full ReVA Publication List - Citations for ReVA publications from 1999 to present.

Other Documents

Guidelines to Assessing Regional Vulnerabilities (PDF) (80 pp, 1.76MB) - Much of the research effort within the ReVA program has focused on the mechanics of how data and model results can be integrated into meaningful indices designed to address specific assessment questions posed by environmental decision-makers. The approach developed by the ReVA program allows decision-makers to evaluate current conditions and vulnerabilities through the use of indices. This approach allows an evaluation of net change, so that the user can visualize how both positive and negative changes affect future conditions and vulnerabilities.

Final Stressor Threshold Table (PDF) (59 pp, 682K) - This report provides a literature review of ecological variables and their threshold values. The objective was to find studies done with a defined ecological threshold value in the Mid-Atlantic region.

A Summary of Land-Use Change Projection Models (PDF) (264 pp, 5.1MB] - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed a selective summary of 22 leading land use change models currently in use or under development. Partners in this effort include the U.S. Departments of Transportation and Interior, the academic and consulting communities, and multiple program and regional offices across EPA.

Stressor Atlas (PDF) (248 pp, 13.7MB) - The initial phase of ReVA was created to develop profiles based on existing information for environmental stressors across the mid-Atlantic. The objective was to place these data into a common spatial (GIS) format and make the results available for ReVA analyses. This objective required a collaborative, interdisciplinary effort and resulted in the maps and descriptions that are provided in this atlas.

What is Urban Sprawl? (DOC) (2 pp, 25K) 

Ground-Water Vulnerability to Nitrate Contamination at Multiple Thresholds in the Mid-Atlantic Region Using Spatial Probability Models - The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Regional Vulnerability Assessment Program, has developed a set of statistical tools to support regional-scale, ground-water quality and vulnerability assessments. This abstract describes the tools and links to the full scientific investigation report.

Report on the Evaluation of Integration Methods (PDF) (90 pp, 2.5MB) - The Regional Vulnerability Assessment (ReVA) Program focused initially on the synthesis of existing data. We have used the same set of spatial data and synthesized these data using 11 existing and newly developed integration methods. These methods were evaluated in terms of 1) how well each individual method performs given different data issues that are encountered with existing data, and 2) how effectively each method addresses different types of assessment questions.

ReVA's Web-based Decision-Support System - Guided Tour (ZIP) (1.4MB) - This guided tour demonstrates the ReVA Environmental Decision Toolkit.

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