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Cleared Review Indexes - N,O

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

The two-column table on this page lists pesticide chemical names and their EPA pesticide chemical codes (PC Code). Each listed chemical has cleared science reviews that are available from EPA's Office of Pesticides Programs through the Freedom of Information Act. The ingredient names link to indexes of cleared reviews for that chemical. The pesticide chemicals listed here represent only those that have been subjects of previous Freedom of Information Act requests.

Chemical Name PC Code Science Reviews
Nabam 014503 Get Reviews
Naled 034401 Get Reviews
Naphthalene 055801 Get reviews
Naphthaleneacetic Acid, Its Salts, Ester, and Acetamide (case # 0379) 056001 Get reviews
1-Naphthaleneacetic acid (see Naphthaleneacetic Acid, Its Salts,
Ester, and Acetamide, PC Code 056001)
Napropamide 103001  
Neem oil 025006  
Nepeta cataria oils 004801 Get Reviews
Nicosulfuron (see Accent) 129008  
Nicotine sulfate 056703 Get reviews
Nitrapyrin 069203 Get Reviews
Nitrofen 038201  
Nonanoic acid, sulfophenyl ester, sodium salt 089053 Get Reviews
Norflurazon 105801  
Noviflumuron 118204  
Nuarimol 224100  
o-Phenylphenol (Orthophenylphenol) 064103  
OBPA 012601 Get Reviews
Octyl decyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 069165 Get Reviews
Oil of citronella 021901  
Oil of Eucalyptus 040503 Get Reviews
Omadine-sodium 088004  
Omadine-zinc 088002 Get Reviews
Organophosphates None Get Reviews
Orthophenylphenol 064103  
ortho-Phthalaldehyde 129017  
Oryzalin 104201 Get Reviews
Oust 122001  
Oxadiazon 109001  
Oxadixyl 126701  
Oxamyl 103801 Get Reviews
Oxydemeton-methyl (see Metasystox-R) 058702  
Oxyfluorfen 111601 Get Reviews
Oxytetracycline 006304 Get Reviews

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