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Index of Cleared Science Reviews for OBPA (Pc Code 012601)

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September 04, 1985. Memorandum. 5 Page(s)
Mary Waller. Fungicide Herbicide Branch
EPA File Symbol 2829-REL. Vinyzene BP-55 DIDP.
Commercial/financial information on page 1 is not included.
Document (PDF) (288 KB PDF).

March 18, 1993. Memorandum. 18 Pages
Flora Chow. Chemical Coordination Branch
Reregistration Eligibility Document on OBPA (Oxybisphenoxarsine).
Tox Review No. 010091.
Document (PDF) (592 KB PDF).
Attachment(s) Following:

January 28, 1993. Memorandum.
Patricia McLaughlin. Toxicology Branch II
Toxicology Review for the Reregistration Eligibility Document on OBPA or Oxybisphenoxarsine.

February 08, 1993. Memorandum.
Jeff Evans. Occupational & Residential Exposure Br.
Occupational and Residential Exposure Assessment and Recommendations for the Registration
Eligibility Document for Oxybisphenoxarsine (OBPA). DP Barcode: D185098.

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