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Index of Cleared Science Reviews Nicotine sulfate (Pc Code 056703)

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March 24, 1981. Memorandum. 8 Pages.
B.T. Backus. Insecticide-Rodenticide Branch.
EPA Reg. No. 5887-7. Black Leaf 40 Garden Spray.
Caswell #597A. Tox Review 000326.
Inert ingredient and manufacturing process information on
pages 1-2 are not included. Pages 6-8 are not included -
draft label.
Document (515 KB PDF).

September 24, 1987. Efficacy Review. 3 Pages.
William Jacobs. Insecticide-Rodenticide Branch.
Reg. No. 7679-23. American Brand Nicotine Sulfate.
Add Claim.
Document (147 KB PDF).

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