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Index of Cleared Science Reviews for Organophosphates

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Undaated. Report. 23 Pages.
Christian Byrne & Alaa Kamel. USEPA/OPP/BEAD/ECB/ACB.
The Effects of Water Chlorination on Three Specific Organophosphate (OP)
Pesticides - Phase II Report.
Document (PDF) (761 KB PDF).

June 16, 1991. Memorandum. 37 Page(s).
George Ghali. Science Analysis & Coordination Branch.
Peer Review of a Document Entitled "Ocular Effects of Organophosphates".
Document (PDF) (2472 KB PDF).

July 22, 1998. Report. 77 Page(s).
Jess Rowland. Health Effects Division.
A Note to Readers: This draft report contains the most current toxicological
information on the organophosphates for the purpose of conducting human health risk
assessments. Attached: Hazard Assessment of the Organophosphates, 7/7/98.
Document (PDF) (4685 KB PDF).

August 06, 1998. Memorandum. 84 Page(s).
Brenda Tarplee. Health Effects Division.
FQPA Safety Factor Recommendations for the Organophosphates (A Combined
Report of the Hazard Identification Assessment Review Committee and the FQPA
Safety Factor Committee).
Document (PDF) (4468 KB PDF).

February 11, 1999. Report. 34 Page(s).
Jerome Blondell. Chemistry & Exposure Branch.
Review of Poison Control Center Data for Residential Exposures to
Organophosphate Pesticides, 1993-1996 DP Barcode 253361, Reregistration Case #0100.
Document (PDF) (2510 KB PDF).

May 11, 2006. Memorandum. 24 Pages.
Christian Byrne & Alaa Kamel. USEPA/OPP/BEAD/ECB/ACB.
Submission of a Report on the Study Entitled, "Laboratory Study on the Effects of
Chlorinated Water on OP Pesticides".
Document (PDF) (852 KB PDF).

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