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Index of Cleared Science Reviews

Index for Nitrofen (Pc Code 038201)

April 20, 1973. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
John Shaughnessy. Chemistry Branch.
Temporary Permit for TOK on Onions.

May 8, 1974. Memorandum. 1 Page(s).
John Ritch. Registration Division.
Residues of 2,4-dichlorophenyl-p-nitrophenyl ether (TOK)
on Parsley.

August 14, 1975. Memorandum. 1 Page(s).
David Ritter. Toxicology Branch.
TOK in Wheat; Proposal of 5/22/75 Renewal of Temporary
Tolerance and Experimental Permit.

June 1, 1978. Memorandum. 1 Page(s).
D. Ritter. Toxicology Branch.
TOK Herbicide - Letter of 11/18/77, Rohm & Haas.

December 20, 1978. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
Carlos Rodriquez. Toxicology Branch.
2,4-Dichlorophenyl p-nitrophenyl ether. Caswell No. 323D.

June 5, 1979. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
Krystyna Locke. Toxicology Branch.
2,4-Dichlorophenyl-p-nitrophenyl ether. EPA Reg. Nos.
707-88 and 707-92. Caswell No. 323D.

October 29, 1979. Memorandum. 30 Page(s).
Laurence Chitlik. Toxicology Branch.
FIFRA Section 6(a)(2) Data Submission and Proposed Label
Changes for TOK E-25 (Registration No. 707-88) and
TOK WP-50 (Registration No. 707-92) Caswell No. 323D.
Inert ingredient information on pages 25 and 28 is
not included.

January 2, 1980. Memorandum. 8 Page(s).
David Severn. Environmental Fate Branch.
TOK Exposure Studies.

May 21, 1980. Memorandum. 53 Page(s).
Laurence Chitlik. Toxicology Branch.
TOK (nitrofen) - Oncogenic, Teratogenic and Mutagenic
Evaluations. Response to SPRD Memo of M. Williams, 3/12/80.
Attachment(s) following:

April 15, 1980. Memorandum. Page(s).
Niel Chernoff. Developmental Biology Branch.
"Margin of Safety" for teratology studies (page 21).

May 12, 1980. Memorandum. Page(s).
Van Keyiik. Health Effects Division.
Adjusted Average Lifetime Daily Exposure for TOK (page 43).

May 20, 1980. Memorandum. Page(s).
Bertram Litt. Toxicology Branch.
Quantitative risk Assessment of Carcinogenicity of TOK E-25
and TOK WP-50 Herbicides (p. 45).

*End of attachments*

May 22, 1980. Memorandum. 6 Page(s).
E. Zager. Residue Chemistry Branch.
The Feasibility of Reduction or Cancellation of
TOK Tolerances.

July 30, 1980. Memorandum. 20 Page(s).
Laurence Chitlik. Toxicology Branch.
Toxicology Branch Comments/Evaluation of the Rohm and Haas
Submission of 6/17/80. Response to the 6/24/80 Memo of
Marcia Williams.

August 19, 1980. Memorandum. 3 Page(s).
Benjamin Jackson. Food and Drug Administration.
Your Request of 8/8/80 for Rohm and Haas "Range-Finding
study of 14C-TOK Absorption by Rat and Human Skin in vitro."
Inert ingredient information on page 3 is not included.

August 26, 1980. Memorandum. 2 Page(s).
Laurence Chitlik. Toxicology Branch.
Range-Finding Study of 14C-TOK Absorption by Rat and Human
Skin in vitro.

December 5, 1980. Memorandum. 4 Page(s).
Laurence Chitlik. Toxicology Branch.
Comments on TOK (Nitrofen) Protocols Submitted by
Rohm & Haas.

July 15, 1981. Memorandum. 4 Page(s).
Irvin Mauer. Toxicology Branch.
TOK (nitrophen): Evaluation of Mutagenicity Studies
Impurity info. not included on page 2.
Tox. Review 001871.

May 18, 1983. Memorandum. 57 Page(s).
Laurence Chitlik. Toxicology Branch.
Addendum to PP #1F2504 Proposing Reduction of Nitrofen (TOK)
Tolerances and Proposed U.S. Market Reentry. TOK E-25,
Reg. No. (707-88-AA).
Inert ingredient information on pages 18, 23, and 46 is not

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