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Cleared Review Indexes - G,H

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

The two-column table on this page lists pesticide chemical names and their EPA pesticide chemical codes (PC Code). Each listed chemical has cleared science reviews that are available from EPA's Office of Pesticides Programs through the Freedom of Information Act. The ingredient names link to indexes of cleared reviews for that chemical. The pesticide chemicals listed here represent only those that have been subjects of previous Freedom of Information Act requests.

Chemical Name PC Code Science Reviews
gamma-Cyhalothrin 128807  
Garlic 128827  
Gibberellin 043801  
Gibberellin A4/A7 116902  
Glufosinate 128850 Get Reviews
Glutaraldehyde 043901  
Glycine, N-(phosphonomethyl)- potassium salt 103613  
Glycolic Acid 000101 Get Reviews
Glyphosate (ANSI).
See Glyphosate, isopropylamine salt (PC Code 103601)
417300 Get Reviews
Glyphosate, isopropylamine salt 103601 Get Reviews
Glyphosate, sesquisodium salt.
See Glyphosate, isopropylamine salt (PC Code 103601)
103603 Get reviews
Grotan 083301 Get Reviews
GUS (see beta-Glucuronidase) None  
Guthion (see Azinphos-methyl) 058001 Get Reviews
Hallcomid-M-8-10 None Get Reviews
Halofenozide 121026  
Halosulfuron 128721 Get reviews
Harmony 128845  
Harvade 118901  
Heavy aromatic naphtha 006602 Get Reviews
Heptachlor 044801  
Hexachlorobenzene 061001 Get Reviews
Hexaconazole 128925  
Hexaflumuron 118202 Get Reviews
Hexazinone 107201  
Hi-Tor/Quanto None  
Hoelon 110902  
HPMTS 035604  
Hyamine 2389 069129 Get Reviews
Hydrogen chloride 045901 Get Reviews
Hydrogen cyanamide 014002 Get reviews
Hydrogen cyanide 045801  
Hydrogen peroxide 000595 Get Reviews
Hydroprene 486300  

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