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Index of Cleared Science Reviews
for Hexachlorobenzene (Pc Code 061001)

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September 19, 1995. Memorandum. 6 Page(s).
K. Dockter. Chemistry Branch.
Thifensulfuron Methyl. DuPont's 2/9/94 & 3/18/94 Responses [Analyses
for Hexachlorobenzene & Pentachlorobenzene in the Technical; DPX-
M6316] to the Agency 9/2/92 [10/2/92] HCB/PCB DCI, to S. Funk 8/6/93
Review; CBRS 11543 & to Agency 3/17/94 Telephone.
Document (PDF) (169 KB PDF).
Attachment(s) Following:

September 19, 1995. Memorandum.
K. Dockter. Chemistry Branch.
(continued) Request & Agency 1/7/93, 7/26/93, 8/10/93 & 9/1/93
Letters. MRID No. 43147301 & -02, CBRS No.13423, DP Barcode No.

*End of Attachments*

July 08, 1997. Memorandum. 3 Page(s).
Stephen Funk. Chemistry and Exposure Branch.
Thifensulfuron Methyl. Product Chemistry, HCB DCI. DuPont Response to
Deficiencies in HCB DCI Submission. CBRS 17275. DP D226480. MRID
None. [DuPont previously submitted MRIDs 43147301, -02.]
Commercial/financial info on page 2 not included.
Document (PDF) (100 KB PDF).

February 26, 1998. Memorandum. 8 Page(s).
William Smith. Chemistry & Exposure Branch I.
Assessment of the Dietary Cancer Risk of Hexachlorobenzene &
Pentachlorobenzene as impurities in Chlorothalonil, PCNB, Picloram, and
several other pesticides. Product Impurity information removed from page 5.
Document (PDF) (451 KB PDF).

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