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Index of Cleared Science Reviews

Index for Glycine, N-(phosphonomethyl)- potassium salt (Pc Code 103613)

Undated. DER. 1 Page.
Masih Hashim. Registration Action Branch.
P{rimary Dermal Irritation Testing (870.2500 formerly 81-5)
MRID No. 45855901.

October 22, 2002. Memorandum. 15 Pages.
Eugenia McAndrew. Technical Review Branch RD.
Name of Pesticide Product: MON 78481 Herbicide.
EPA File Symbol: 524-LUG
DP Barcode: D284522.
PM requests review of acute toxicity data.
MRID 45705302 thru 45705307.

October 24, 2002. Review. 10 Pages.
Linda Kutney. Technical Review Branch RD.
Product Chemistry Review of EP[X].
DP Barcode No.: D284521.
REG./File Symbol No.: 524-LUG
Product Name: MON 78481
MRID 45705301. Inert ingredient info on page 10 not included.

August 4, 2004. Memorandum. 4 Pages.
Debra Rate. Technical Review Branch.
Product Chemistry Review of End-Use Product; DP Barcode No.
301003; File Symbol No. 524-LLG; Product Name: 1626
Herbicide. MRID Nos. 455011-01 & 458151-01.

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