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1994 Proceedings
North American Conference on Savannas and Barrens

Living in the Edge: 1994 Midwest Oak Savanna Conferences

Augustana College Field Stations
Eastern Illinois University
Beta Lambda Chapter of Phi Sigma
(Illinois State University)
Forest Preserve District of Will County
Grand Prairie Friends of Illinois
Illinois Council of Forestry Development
Illinois Native Plant Society
Illinois Natural History Survey
Illinois Nature Preserves Commission
Illinois Wesleyan University Union
John Wesley Powell Audubon Society
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
(Department of Forestry)
The Illinois Stewart Magazine
The University of Illinois
(Department of Forestry)

Conference was held at the Illinois State University, Normal Illinois



I. History and Nature of Savannas

Extent and Status of Midwest Oak Savanna: Presettlement and 1985
Victoria A. Nuzzo

How the Terms Savanna, Barrens, and Oak Openings Were Used in Early Illinois
John White

Landscape Pattern and Structure of Oak Savanna, Woodland and Barrens in Northeastern Illinois at the Time of European Settlement
Marlin L. Bowles, Max D. Hutchison and Jeanette L. McBride

Presettlement Barrens in the Glaciated Prairie Region of Illinois
Marlin L. Bowles and Jeanette L. McBride

Using the Public Land Survey Fieldnotes to Determine the Presettlement Character of the Midwestern Landscape with Particular Reference to the Southern Illinois Barrens
Max D. Hutchison

Pollen Analog Dates for the Upper Midwest Oak Savannas
Duane Griffin

Landscape and Environmental Constraints on the Distribution of Presettlement Savannas and Prairies in Southern Wisconsin
Susan Will-Wolf and Timothy C. Montague

Age Structure of Trees in Thorn Creek Woods
Jon Mendelson

Spatial Demography of an Oak Savanna in the Ozarks
Sean J. Jenkins and Alan J. Rebertus

II. Policy and Planning Issues in Savanna Conservation

Why Savanna Classification Matters: The Implications for Land Management Planning, Review and Implementation
Randy R. Heidorn

The Environmental Protection Agency's Role in Ecosystem Management
William D. Franz and Karen Holland

Designing Refuges for the Florida Sand Pine Scrub Habitat
Earl D. McCoy and Henry R. Mushinsky

Smoke Management in Prescribed Burning
Robert S. Stanton

Conservation of the Prairie - Savanna Butterfly Community
Ann B. Swengel

Protecting the Karner Blue Butterfly in Wisconsin: Shifting Focus From Individuals to Populations and Processes
Cathy Bleser and Mark K. Leach

III. Savanna Fauna

An Overview of Avian Communities in North American Savanna Habitats: Current Knowledge and Conservation Needs
Jeffrey D. Brawn

Bird Communities of Restored Barrens and Savannas of Southern Illinois
Scott K. Robinson

Breeding Birds of the Midwestern Grassland - Forest Transition Zone: Who Were They and Where Are They Now?
James R. Herkert

Birds of Wisconsin Oak Savannas: Past, Present and Future
David W. Sample and Michael J. Mossman

Patch Dynamics of Amphibians and Reptiles in Northeastern Illinois Savanna Ecosystem
Kenneth S. Mierzwa

Rodent Population Dynamics in an Open Oak Woodland, Chamise Chaparral, and Valley Grassland Habitat Mosaic in Southern California
Edward J. Heske, Daniel L. Rosenblatt and Derrick W. Sugg

What Can Geolycosa Wolf Spiders Tell Us About Florida Biogeography?
Samuel D. Marshall and Mark A. Deyrup

The Endangered Mississippi Sandhill Crane and Wet Longleaf Pine Savanna
Scott G. Hereford

Butterfly (Rhopalocera) Fauna of the Oak Barrens and Adjacent Habitats of Lake Argyle State Park and McDonough County, Illinois
David F. Hess and Yale Sedman

Dancing with Fire: Oak Barrens/Savanna Patch Dynamics, Management, and the Karner Blue Butterfly
John A. Shuey

IV. Plant Response to Savanna Habitats

Plant Population Dynamics in Response to Fire in Turkey Oak-Longleaf Pine Barrens and Related Communities in Southeast Virginia
Allen E. Plocher

The Herbaceous Understory Response of a Degraded Oak Savanna to Prescribed Burning
Ann M. Pierce

The Effect of Cattle Grazing on Aspen Understory Vegetation at High Altitude
Barbara A. Frase

Demographic Effects of Fire on Woody Plants of the Cerrado Savanna of Central Brazil
William A. Hoffman

Distribution of Understory Plant Species Along Light and Soil Depth Gradients in an Upland Oak Savanna in Southern Wisconsin
Brian W. Pruka

Phenological and Physiological Response of Shooting Star (Dodecatheon meadia L.) in Prairie and Savanna Habitats
Dan Gustafson and Roger C. Anderson

Savanna Plant Species Distributions Along Gradients of Sun-shade and Soils
Mark K. Leach

Analysis of a Flower Color Polymorphism in Viola pedata (Bird's Foot Violet)
Steven B. Carroll and Peter C. Goldman

Relationships Between Grass and Composite Densities, and Woody Plant Structure in Northeastern Illinois
Charles A. Ruedebush and Dennis W. Nyberg

Fall planting of Woodland Grasses is More Successful than Spring Seeding
Dennis Nyberg

V. Restoration and Management

Restoring the Herb Layer in a Degraded Bur Oak "Closed" Savanna
Steve Packard and John Balaban

Measuring Changes in Oak Savannas: A Review and Recommendations for a Monitoring Protocol
Alan Haney and Steven I. Apfelbaum

A Restoration Plan for Mesic Deep, Black Soil Savanna
Mary C. Hruska and John E. Ebinger

Evolutionary Models of Plant Populations/Community Dynamics and Conservation of Southeastern Pine Savannas
William J. Platt

Parklands Savanna Restoration
Roger Anderson, Don Schmidt, M. Rebecca Anderson, and Dan Gustafson

Changes in a Dry Oak Forest After a Third Prescribed Burn
Virginia Kline

Breeding Bird Communities and Management Implications for Wisconsin Pine and Oak Barrens
Michael J. Mossman and David W. Sample

Vegetation Analysis of a Restored Southern Illinois Shale Barrens
R. Todd Bittner, David J. Gibson, Robin K. McCall, and K. Andrew West

VI. Regional Variation in Savannas and Barrens

Barrens as an Ecological Term: An Overview of Usage in the Scientific Literature
Michael A. Homoya

The Big Barrens Region of Kentucky and Tennessee: A Short Review
Jerry M. Baskin, Carol C. Baskin and Edward W. Chester

Vegetational Ecology of Southern Flatwoods on the Illinoian Tillplain (Illinois)
John B. Taft, Mark W. Schwartz and Loy R. Phillippe

Observations on Tennessee Barrens
H. R. DeSelm

A Botanical "Lost World" in Central Alabama
James R. Allison

Quercus stellata Growth and Stand Characteristics in the Quercus stellata-Quercus Marilandica Forest Type in the Cross Timbers Region of Central Oklahoma
James F. Rosson, Jr

Vegetational Structure of Some Post Oak Barrens in Saline County, Illinois
John E. Ebinger, Rex Buhrmester and William McClain

The Chestnut Oak and Post Oak Woodlands of Land Between The Lakes, Kentucky and Tennessee
Scott B. Franklin and James S. Fralish

Inventory, Description and Management of Sandstone Gladesin Western Louisiana
Barbara R. MacRoberts, Susan Carr, and Michael MacRoberts

Re-Analysis of the Pine Barrens of Wisconsin
J. Drake and Don Faber-Langendoen

Vegetation Survey of a Quartzite Glade in Sauk Co. Wisconsin
Patricia K. Armstrong

VII. Posters

Burr Oak Savanna to Sugar Maple Forest: Historic and Current Vegetational Patterns in the Funks Grove Natural Area
Bradley J. Arnold and Roger C. Anderson

Restoration of an Oak Savanna in the Cook County Forest Preserves: Management Practices and Results
Victor J. Guarino and Jean M. Guarino

Dwarf Mangrove Forests and Savannas of South Florida
Patrick Kangas

Presettlement Forests on the 5th Principle Meridian, Missouri Territory, 1815
John C. Nelson

The Effects of Artificial Burning on Cambrial Tissue of Selected Tree Species of the Central Hardwood Region of North America
Matthew S. Russell and Jeffrey O. Dawson

Anthropogenic Savannas of the Allegheny Plateau: Nonproductive Wastelands or Elements of Diversity?
Charles E. Williams

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum's Volunteer Team Leader Program
K. J. Cartwright and M. Fifield-Murray

Life of the Edge: Seasonal Habitat Selection and Diet Choice of the Eastern Fox Squirrel (Sciurus niger)
Dianne M. Jedlicka

Complementary Conservation Planning for New Hampshire's Pine Barrens
Patrick McCarthy and David Eric Van Luven

Stand Structure and Dynamics in a Formerly Managed Longleaf Pine Savanna
Brian Palik and Neil Pederson

How to Recognize an Overgrown Savanna Remnant: A Guide for Landowners
Brian W. Pruka

Successful Cative Rearing of the Federally endangered Karner Blue Butterfly
David Eric VanLuvens


Department of Biological Sciences
Roger Anderson
Victoria Borowicz
Angelo Capparella
Erica Corbett
Dan Gustafson
Timothy Kelley
Carleton Phillips
Karl Roberts
Donald Schmidt
Charles Thompson
Douglas Whitman
Michelle Woodby

Department of Health Sciences
M. Rebecca Anderson

Metcalf Elementary School
Suan Guess-Hanson

Department of Mathematics
Saad El-Zanati

Department of Biology
Barbara Frase
Herbert Monoson

Botany Department
John Ebinger
Mary Hruska

Jeffrey Brawn

Division of Natural Heritage
William McClain
Robert Szafoni

Steve Byers
Mary Kay Solecki

Department of Biology
Given Harper

Department of Forestry
James Fralish
Scott Stephenson
Gena Howe
Dave Close

Central Illinois Field Office
Michael Reuter

Department of Forestry
Jeffrey Dawson

Karen Rodriguez

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