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State Innovation Grant Program Results

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download, to view the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Final Reports

Arizona Environmental Performance Track: Increasing Membership by Lowering Membership Hurdles, Building a Broader Base, and Improving Key Incentives

Arizona - Web-Based Permit Application for Construction Storm Water Permits

Colorado - Environmental Management System (EMS) Permit Pilot Project

Delaware - Environmental Results Program for the Auto Body Sector

Illinois - Environmental Results Program (ERP) Pilot for Car and Truck Repair Facilities, Class V Waste Disposal Wells

Indiana - Comprehensive Local Environmental Action Network (CLEAN) Community Challenge

Indiana Environmental Results Program - Auto Salvage Sector

Indiana - Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP)

Kentucky - Implementing Kentucky's Environmental Leadership Program - A Vertical Start-up Model with Multi-State Applicability

Louisiana - Multimedia Oil and Gas Production Environmental Results Program

Maine - Environmental Results Program for Auto Body and Auto Repair Sectors

Massachusetts - Implementation of Innovative Environmental Compliance Strategies in the Northeast and Use of Common Business Sector Performance Measures

Massachusetts -- Watershed-based Permitting for the Assabet River

Michigan ERP for the Dry Cleaning Sector (Statewide)

Minnesota - Dairy Environmental Results Program (ERP) Final Report

Missouri - St. Louis Air Quality Management Plan

Note: The appendices linked below will take you to the PDF files hosted on Missouri DNR's website. Exit Disclaimer

Narragansett Bay Commission - Sustainable Energy Management Practices for Wastewater Treatment Facilities (Environmental Management System for Wastewater Treatment Facility Energy Use and Environmental Results Program for Food Service Industry Sector)

Nevada Environmental Results Program (NVERP) for the Dry Cleaning Sector

New Hampshire - Encouraging Superior Environmental Performance through Management Systems, Recognition, and Rewards

New Hampshire - Superior Environmental Results through Innovative Land Development Technical Assistance and Permitting in New Hampshire

Rhode Island - Auto Salvage Environmental Results Program


Rhode Island - MS4 Construction Site Runoff Control Environmental Results Program

Rhode Island - Underground Storage Tanks - Alternative Inspection Programs and the Energy Policy Act of 2005

South Carolina - Environmental Management Systems for Waste Management Permitting

Tennessee - Construction Storm Water Excellence Initiative

Texas - Strategically Directed Regulatory Structure

Vermont - An Environmental Results Program for the Retail Gasoline Sales Sector

Virginia - Environmental Results Program (ERP) Initiative for the VA Underground Storage Tank (UST) Inspection Program

Virginia - Infrastructure and Capacity Building for Improved Incentive Development and Delivery for Performance-Based Programs

Final Report

Appendices for Final Report

Washington - Sustainable Washington FY07-2010 State Innovations Grant

Washington - Industrial Footprint Project, Statewide

Wisconsin - Use of a Whole Farm EMS as a Supplement to CAFO Permits for the Dairy Sector

Wisconsin - Improved Environmental Results and Increased Regulatory Flexibility in Air Permitting for the Printer Sector using Environmental Management Systems and an Environmental Results Program

Wisconsin - Region 5 States Environmental Results Program for Autobody Refinishing Shops

Wyoming - Watershed-based NPDES Permitting for the Powder River Basin

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