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Extramural Research


Strengthening Environmental Justice and Decision Making: A Symposium on the Science of Disproportionate Environmental Health Impacts

Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington DC

March 17 - 19, 2010

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

Presenter Title
Gary Adamkiewicz Determinants of Indoor Environmental Quality and Exposure (PDF) (3 pp, 236 K)
Gary Adamkiewicz
Ami Zota
Rhona Julien
John D Spengler
Jonathan I Levy
Exposure Disparities within the Indoor Environment: Understanding Critical Pathways and Implications for Policy Responses (PDF) (4 pp, 221 K)

Summary (PDF) (1 pp, 205 K)
Steve Anderson
Maria Franco-Spera
A Preliminary Screening Method to Estimate Cumulative Environmental Impact (PDF) (20 pp, 1.49 MB)
Daniel A. Axelrad
Julie Sturza
Onyemaechi Nweke
Gregory G. Miller
Louis D'Amico
Using Children's Environmental Health Indicators to Identify Disparities in Exposure and Health (PDF) (1 pp, 510 K)
Rajiv Bhatia Transportation, Cumulative Health Effects, and Environmental Justice (PDF) (PDF) (20 pp, 936 K)
Rajiv Bhatia Health Impact Assessment, Cumulative Effects, and Environmental Justice (PDF) (1 pp, 3.16 MB)
Paula Braveman Health Disparities and the Environment: Widening the Focus (PDF) (18 pp, 2.99 MB)
Joanna Burger
Michael Gochfeld
Environmental Justice: Unique Exposure Pathways And Disproportionate Exposures In Low Income, Minority, Native American, And Other Populations: Outliers Matter (PDF) (56 pp, 2.29 MB)
C.F. Chaisson
C.A. Franklin
A.M. Chaisson
LifeLine™ Community Based AssessmentSoftware Tools (PDF) (1 pp, 3.16 MB)
Basile Chaix Modeling effects of the social and physical environment on health: a spatial perspective (PDF) (12 pp, 728 K)
Aaron Cohen Quantifying inequalities in the global burden of disease due to environmental factors: perspectives from the Global Burden of Disease Comparative Risk Assessment (PDF) (17 pp, 960 K)
Charlton Coles Family and Individual Stress (PDF) (5 pp, 136 K)
Deborah Cory-Slechta Synergistic Effects of Combined Lead and Stress: Implications for Disproportionate Environmental Health Impacts (PDF) (22 pp, 7.8 MB)
Stephen R. Couch Community Stress from Contamination (PDF) (10 pp, 546 K)
Maureen L. Cropper Incorporating Equity Concerns into Benefit Cost Analysis (PDF) (16 pp, 150 K)
Ana V. Diez-Roux Investigating how physical and social environments jointly contribute to health disparities: concepts and methods from social epidemiology (PDF) (14 pp, 108 K)
Paul English Use of California Environmental Health Tracking Data to Investigate Environmental Health Disparities (PDF) (21 pp, 1.96 MB)
Neal Fann
Karen Wesson
Identifying “At-Risk” Populations: Applying High Resolution Air Quality, Demographic and Baseline Health Data to Define and Locate At-Risk Populations (PDF) (1 pp, 251 K)
Laurel Firestone Living Without a Drop to Drink (PDF) (8 pp, 714 K)
Steven Fischback Building Community Capacity in Environmental Decision-making through Community Lawyering (PDF)(1 pp, 515 K)
C. A. Franklin Building Community Capacity to Assess Health Effects from Contaminants (PDF) (1 pp, 98 K)
Nicholas Freudenberg
Manuel Pastor
Barbara Israel
Community Participation in the Environmental Decision-Making Process: Can It Reduce Disproportionate Impact? (PDF) (17 pp, 767 K)

Summary (PDF) (10 pp, 55 K)
Gary Ginsberg The Importance of Background in Considering Cumulative Risk (PDF) (21 pp, 927 K)
Thomas A. Glass Methodological Issues (PDF) (10 pp, 231 K)
Charles Griffiths Including Environmental Justice in Economic Analyses at the EPA (PDF) (13 pp, 545 K)
Sam Harper Methods for Assessing Disproportionality (PDF) (32 pp, 1.28 MB)
Earl L. Hatley Making Outliers Matter Community Involvement In Risk and Public Health Assessments: Case Study ‐Tar Creek Superfund Site (PDF) (28 pp, 3.6 MB)
Jonathan Heller Applying Health Impact Assessment to Address Health and Equity – Case Studies (PDF) (18 pp, 125 K)
Myra Immings Synthesizing Environmental Justice Planning into Transportation Planning for Projects in the Southeastern United States through Enhanced Public Involvement (PDF) (12 pp, 5.6 MB)
David E. Jacobs
Rajiv Bhatia
James VanDerslice
The Contributions of Physical Infrastructure to Environmental Health Disparities: Housing, Transportation and Water (PDF) (54 pp, 855 K)
Daniel E. Kass Local Human Environmental Exposure Surveillance as a Policy Lever: Mercury And Pesticide Exposures In New York City (PDF) (27 pp, 1.70 MB)
Martha Keating
Marie Lynn Miranda
Sharon Edwards
Whose Backyard Is It? Proximity Analysis Using GIS as a Tool for Environmental Justice (PDF) (24 pp, 854 K)
Peter Langlois Proximity to Environmental Hazards: Environmental Justice and Adverse Health Outcomes: Discussion (PDF) (30 pp, 95 K)
Jonathan Levy Addressing Distributional Issues in Environmental Health Benefits Analysis (PDF) (27 pp, 660 K)
Jonathan Levy Strengthening Environmental Justice Research and Decision Making: A Symposium on the Science of Disproportionate Environmental Health Impacts (PDF) (13 pp, 4.31 MB)
Corine Li Ensuring Sustainable Drinking Water Systems (PDF) (14 pp, 1.60 MB)
Stephen H. Linder
Ken Sexton
The Importance of Rigorous Analytical Strategies for Elucidating Cumulative Risk Burdens and Disproportionate Effects (PDF) (13 pp, 735 K)
Kathryn R. Lundquist
Julian D. Marshall
Shifting Exposures: Diesel Emission Reductions and Environmental Justice (PDF) (20 pp, 1.3 MB)
Juliana Maantay
Jayajit Chakraborty
Jean Brender
Proximity to Environmental Hazards: Environmental Justice and Adverse Health Outcomes (PDF) (75 pp, 2.36 MB)
Bruce S. McEwen Protective and Damaging Effects of Mediators Of Stress and Adaptation: Linking social and physical environments (PDF) (18 pp, 842 K)
Michael S. Metzger Unique Exposures: Policy/Practice Perspective (PDF) (15 pp, 479 K)
Rachel Morello-Frosch
Manuel Pasto
Jim Sadd
Environmental Justice Screening Method:Integrating Indicators of Cumulative Impact into Regulatory Decision-making (PDF) (26 pp, 2.62 MB)
Mahasin S. Mujahid Measuring Specific Features of Neighborhood Environments and Estimating their Contribution to Health Disparities (PDF) (5 pp, 430 K)
Ngozi T. Oleru King County Equity Impact Review Tool (PDF) (28 pp, 437 K)
Theresa Osypuk Measuring Racial/Ethnic Inequality of Context: Racial Residential Segregation Measures and Impacts on Health (PDF) (34 pp, 3.10 MB)
Jennifer D. Parker Research and Data Needs for Assessing and Addressing Disproportionate Environmental Health Impacts Among Minority and Disadvantaged Populations (PDF) (10 pp, 1.46 MB)
Zachary Pekar Challenges in Assessing Risk for Disproportionately-Impacted Populations in the Regulatory Context (the examples of lead and mercury) (PDF) (12 pp, 115 K)
Zachary Pekar The National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) Review Process Consideration for Disproportionately Impacted Populations (PDF) (12 pp, 80K)
Forgotten People CDC Assisting the Water Haulers: Using Grassroots Driven Developmentto Secure Environmental Justice (PDF) (64 pp, 7.72 MB)
Henry Roman
Eric Ruder
Analyzing Risk Inequality Impacts of Air Quality Regulations in Two Urban Areas (PDF) (19 pp, 1.89 MB)
Andrew Schulman EJSEAT: A Screening Tool for EJ Concerns (PDF) (28 pp, 3.3 MB)
Joel Schwartz Multidimensional Risk Assessment (PDF) (41 pp, 1.0 MB)
Richard Salkowe Natural Disasters and Human Health: Measuring the Prevalence of Stress-Related Disease after the 2002-2003 Illinois Storm, Tornado and Flood Events (PDF) (1 pp, 647 MB)
Erika N. Sasser A Proximity-Based Approach for Analyzing Distributional Impacts: A Regulatory Case Study Based on the 2008 Review of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Lead (PDF) (15 pp, 752 K)
Rita Schoeny Multiple and Cumulative Impacts / Effects: Strengthening EJ Research and Decision Making (PDF) (17 pp, 3.06 MB)
Alex Scott-Samuel Towards Environmental Equity Through Health Impact Assessment (PDF) (38 pp, 1.01 MB)
Sarah Sharpe
Mike Wells
San Joaquin Valley Cumulative Health Impacts Project (SJV CHIP) (PDF) (9 pp, 672 K)
Matthew C. Small Evaluating EJ and Disproportionate Impacts Over Time Within a Cumulative Risk Framework (PDF) (23 pp, 5.20 MB)
Heather Tanana
Robert Adler
William Mcdonnell
The Breakdown of Federal Protections: How Environmental Health Policy Set at the National Level Can Be Derailed at the State Level (PDF) (13 pp, 658 K)
Pamela G. Tucker Shifted Health Effects in Animals Exposed to Psychological Stress and Toxicants (PDF) (12 pp, 2.85 MB)
Jim VanDerslice Environmental Health Disparities and Drinking Water Infrastructure (PDF) (23 pp, 202 K)
Max Weintraub Inspection and Enforcement Actions Under TSCA to Protect Vulnerable Populations (PDF) (11 pp, 975 K)
Sacoby Wilson
Leah Williams
Roy Charles
Assessment of a Novel Environmental Justice Community-University Partnership (PDF) (29 pp, 1 MB)
Valerie Zartarian EPA’s Community-Focused Exposure and Risk Screening Tool: C-FERST and its potential use for EJ efforts (PDF) (63 pp, 3.18 MB)

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