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Extramural Research

Commissioned Paper Abstracts

Strengthening Environmental Justice and Decision Making: A Symposium on the Science of Disproportionate Environmental Health Impacts

Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington DC

March 17 - 19, 2010

Commissioned Paper Abstracts

Community Participation in the Environmental Decision-Making Process:  Can It Reduce Disproportionate Impact?
Nicholas Freudenberg, Manuel Pastor, and Barbara Israel

Community Stress and Psychosocial Hazards
Pamela Tucker, Charlton Coles, Steven R. Couch, and Bruce S. McEwen

Differential Vulnerability and Susceptibility:  Expanding the Scope of Risk Assessment
Joel Schwartz, Thomas A. Glass, David C. Bellinger

Proximity to Environmental Hazards:  Environmental Justice and Adverse Health Outcomes
Juliana Maantay, Jayajit Chakraborty, and Jean Brender

Outliers Matter in Environmental Justice:  Unique Exposure Pathways and Disproportionate Exposures in Low Income, Minority, Native American, and Other Populations
Joanna Burger and Michael Gochfeld

The Contributions of Physical Infrastructure to Environmental Health Disparities:  Housing, Transportation and Water
David E. Jacobs, Rajiv Bhatia, James VanDerslice

The Importance of Rigorous Analytical Strategies for Elucidating Cumulative Risk Burdens and Disproportionate Effects
Stephen H. Linder and Ken Sexton

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