Catalyzing Investment in Urban Sustainability
U.S.-Brazil Joint Initiative on
Urban Sustainability


Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Big Green Block

The goal of the Big Green Block project was to transform the sites of the Shissler Recreation Center and the Kensington High School for the Creative and Performing Arts and the surrounding area into the biggest, greenest block in Philadelphia.

BigBelly Trash Compactors

In 2009, Philadelphia replaced 700 public wire trash baskets with 500 BigBelly-brand solar trash compactors.

Car Sharing Service

Philadelphia began using a private car sharing service to meet the transportation needs of municipal employees in 2003.

Green Buildings at the Navy Yard

Every building developed in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, a rapidly developing area, is required to meet and will be registered for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Green Districts Program: Ilha do Bom Jesus

In order to stimulate innovation and concentrated economic development, the State of Rio de Janeiro has developed the concept of "Green Districts."

Greenfield School

Greenfield Elementary School is a model of sustainable site improvement and community involvement in Philadelphia.

Hybrid Diesel Buses

The City of Philadelphia is using hybrid buses to improve air quality and reduce pollution.

Improving Energy Efficiency of City-Owned Facilities

Through the Guaranteed Energy Savings Act or GESA, the City of Philadelphia engaged a qualified Energy Service Company (ESCO) to determine the feasibility of energy conservation measures to be implemented in City's "Quadplex" buildings (City Hall, Municipal Services Building, One Parkway and the Criminal Justice Center).

Morar Carioca "Verde": Greener Development

The Rio de Janeiro Municipal Secretariat of Housing (SMH) made respect for the environment a core principle of their interventions in the "favelas" (slums) of the city.

PWD Biogas Cogeneration Facility

In 2012, the Philadelphia Water Department and the company Ameresco, Inc. announced an agreement to develop and maintain a cogeneration facility at PWD's Northeast Water Pollution Control Plant.

Solar Panels at the Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant

In 2011, The City of Philadelphia installed a 250 KW solar array at the Water Department's Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant.