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Travel Green

Cars, trucks, airplanes, and other kinds of vehicles are responsible for about one–third of the greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Smart transportation choices can make a big impact on reducing emissions.

  • Walk, bike, skateboard, rollerblade, or take a bus to school. Just make sure to stay safe. Ask your school to get involved in the Safe Routes to School program.exit EPAThis program has lots of tips for students and their families, like forming “walking school buses” led by one or two adults.
  • Give the car a break. Encourage your family to make one big trip to run all their errands at once, instead of making lots of small trips. Consider sharing rides with others, and use public transportation like buses or trains whenever you can.
  • Use your buying power. When it's time to buy a new car, help your family choose one that's fuel–efficient or electric. You'll use less gas, reduce emissions, and save money. Learn more.
  • Clean up the bus. Through EPA's Clean School Bus USA program, schools can replace or upgrade older buses so they are more fuel–efficient or run on cleaner fuels.
  • Don't be idle. Your school bus idles when the engine is running but the bus isn't moving—for example, when your bus driver is waiting to pick you up after school. Running the engine burns fuel, which not only wastes gasoline, but also produces greenhouse gases and other kinds of air pollution. Learn more.