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Projects in Illinois


Idling Management
  • Illinois General Assembly passed HB 4782, which limits idling of diesel vehicles over 8,000 lbs to 10 minutes within any 60 minute period in the counties surrounding greater Chicago and East St. Louis metropolitan areas. Exceptions and provisions also are referenced. Refer to 625 ILCS 5/11‑1429, Sec. 11‑1429. Excessive idling.Exit EPA Disclaimer

  • Illinois Department of Transportation's Regulation 625 Illinois Combined Statute 5/6-601(b) states "No person driving or in charge of a motor vehicle shall permit it to stand unattended without first stopping the engine….:" Fine is not more than $500.

  • City of Chicago Ordinance 11 4 1160; It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 10,000 pounds for a consecutive period longer than two minutes while such vehicle is standing on private property and located within 45 meters of any property zoned and used for residential purposes, except where such vehicle is standing within a completely enclosed structure. This section shall not apply to buses operated for the transportation of passengers while standing in established bus turnarounds, bus terminals, bus parking lots and bus storage yards.
State/Local Authorized Programs
  • Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Tollway Authority and O'Hare Modernization Program implemented procurement language to provide clean construction equipment and clean fuels.
  • Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's "Clean School Bus" ProgramExit EPA Disclaimer
  • Illinois Public Act 094-0346Exit EPA Disclaimer - The Illinois Vehicle Code was amended beginning July 1, 2006, where any diesel powered vehicle owned or operated by this State, any county or unit of local government, any school district, any community college or public college or university, or any mass transit agency must, when refueling at a bulk central fueling facility, use a biodiesel blend that contains 2% biodiesel, as those terms are defined in the Illinois Renewable Fuels Development Program Act, where available, unless the engine is designed or retrofitted to operate on a higher percentage of biodiesel or on ultra low sulfur fuel.
Clean School Bus USA
  • The City of Chicago's Department of the Environment (CDOE) received $315,000 to procure and install EPA verified, retrofit technologies in school buses that serves Chicago Public Schools (CPS) from 2004 funds. The funding will support retrofitting about 80 buses with diesel oxidation catalysts and 20 buses with particulate matter filters (in combination with ultra low sulfur diesel fuel). These will be placed on various buses supplied by CPS school bus vendors. This school bus emission reduction program includes a partnership of CDOE along with CPS and its bus vendors, the American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago, and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.
  • The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) received a grant for the "Retrofit of Diesel School Buses for Bellwood, IL School District #88(BSD88)" out of 2003 funds. With this grant of $20,800, IEPA will assist a small, urban school district in Chicago's west suburbs, in retrofitting 14 of its 15 buses with diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs) and in doing so, launch a Chicago area clean school bus initiative. The DOCs will be installed by the school district with oversight being provided by the vendor and IEPA.
    In addition, through an educational program conducted by IEPA, American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago (ALAMC) and its other partners, improved idling practices will result in additional emission reductions and a healthier school environment above and beyond the reductions experienced by the actual bus retrofits.
  • EPA awarded funds to the National School Transportation Association (NSTA) to administer a subgrant program for clean diesel replacement and retrofit and use of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel using 2003 funds. Two subgrants were awarded to Carbondale (IL) Elementary School District #95 and Beck Bus Company to retrofit 26 buses with diesel particulate filters and use ultra low sulfur fuel.

National Funds

  • In 2002, EPA awarded $60,000 to the Chicago Department of Environment to retrofit 7 locomotives with idle management technology. The Locomotive Idling Reduction Retrofit Project was a partnership with USEPA, City of Chicago, Kim Hotstart Manufacturing, Inc., The Belt Railway Company of Chicago, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF) and Wisconsin Southern Railroad Company. The goals of the project included: reducing emission form locomotive switch yard engines, conserve fuel, reduce locomotive maintenance costs and noise levels.
  • EPA awarded $60,000 in to IEPA to retrofit construction equipment for the Dan Ryan Expressway Renovation Project.
  • EPA Grant Award to Metropolitan Mayors Caucus to retrofit four street sweepers and four refuse trucks with filters. In addition, 29 front-end loaders, three semi-trucks and four dump trucks were installed with catalysts. One fire truck engine was rebuilt. All of this occured throughout the following locations - City of Chicago, Highland Park, Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, Lake Zurich, Northbrook and Palatine.
Regional Geographic/ Great Cities Funds
  • In 2003, EPA Region 5 awarded $40,000 to Chicago Department of Environment to develop an educational publication for retrofitting non-road diesel engines.
  • In 2004, EPA Region 5 awarded $200,000 to Chicago Department of Environment for oxidation catalysts for refuse trucks. Link to picture
  • Mobile Source Outreach Grant/Clean School Bus - Illinois Environmental Protection Agency was awarded $24,300 for educational/outreach workshops across the State to assist School districts in identifying funding (public and private) to retrofit school buses. Six workshops have been held across the State.
Department of Transportation or Congestion, Mitigation, and Air Quality (CMAQ) Funds
  • Chicago Transit Authority received from Chicago Area Transportation Study (CATS), monies CMAQ funds to operate 680 transit buses on ultra low sulfur diesel fuel in 2004
  • Illinois State Toll Highway Authority received monies, from CATS monies CMAQ funds to install Advanced Truck Stop Electrofication systems.
Supplemental Environment Projects (SEP)
  • Federal SEP with Archer Daniels Midland for $1.1 million to retrofit at least 650 school buses in St. Louis area with diesel oxidation catalysts.
  • Federal SEP with Exxon Mobile for $250,000 to retrofit municipal vehicles in City of Chicago.
  • Federal SEP with Cosmed for $251,000 to retrofit municipal vehicles with catalysts and/or filters and accelerate the use of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel in Lake County.
  • State SEP with ADM for $2.3 million to retrofit vehicles with catalysts, filters and accelerate the use of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel in central and west central Illinois.
Privately Funded Projects
  • IEPA is working with a private construction company that was installing catalysts on five pieces of their own construction equipment and using on-road diesel fuel for a construction project on Kingery Expressway (located at I-80 and Torrence)

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