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A Compendium of Contract Language (PDF) (35 pages, 1,111 K, About PDF) from around the Country. Includes:

Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative Projects:
Our regional, state and local partners have been making significant progress. Progress is being made in each of our states, specifically in the focus areas which include: Idling Management; State/Local Authorized Programs; Clean School Bus Funded Projects; National Retrofit Funded Projects; Regional Geographic/Great Cities Funded Projects; Department of Transportation or Congestion, Mitigation, and Air Quality (CMAQ) Funds Projects; Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEP); and, Privately Funded Projects.

Click on a state to find out more about programs or projects in that state.


For information about projects that are on-going across the country, visit the National Clean Diesel Database, located at U.S. EPA Region 3's Web page.

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