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Completed and Closed Projects

Projects in the category have been fully implemented and have either been evaluated or are ready to have a final evaluation conducted.

Andersen Corporation (6/30/99)
Atlantic Steel Site, Jacoby Development Corporation (4/14/99)
City of Albuquerque (2/3/00)
City of Denton (2/22/00)
DOD: Elmendorf Air Force Base (12/15/99)
Eastman Kodak (9/14/00)
GE Silicones OSi Specialties (formerly Crompton Corporation) (10/17/97)
IBM 2: Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility (7/31/00)
Imation (12/21/99)
Intel Corporation (11/19/96)
International Paper: Effluent Improvements (6/29/00)
International Paper: Emissions Monitoring (4/20/00)
Labs 21 (9/6/00)
Lead Safe Boston (10/02/00)
Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District (9/28/00)
Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection (10/9/98)
Molex Incorporated (8/8/98)
New England Universities Laboratories (9/28/99)
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (9/22/00)
PPG (9/14/00)
Steele County, Minnesota (XLC) (5/31/00)
U.S. Postal Service/ Denver, Colorado (5/22/00)
Weyerhaeuser (1/17/97)
Yolo County Bioreactor Landfill (9/14/00)

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