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DOD: Elmendorf Air Force Base

The project streamlines the application, implementation, management, and renewal process for Elmendorf Air Force Base's (EAFB's) (PDF 2 pages; 776K) Title V permit, through reduced monitoring and record keeping. EAFB estimates that total monitoring, record keeping, reporting, and overall permit management costs will decrease by about 80 percent, yielding about $1.5 million in savings over six years. These realized cost savings will be directed toward pollution prevention (P2) opportunities. The Final Project Agreement (FPA) was signed on December 15, 1999.

EAFB will spend the savings derived from streamlining its environmental management costs on P2 opportunities. One such P2 project identified in the FPA involves installation of a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station, the purchase of new CNG vehicles, and the conversion of certain base fleet vehicles to be capable of using CNG as an alternative fuel. EAFB has assembled a list of other feasible P2 opportunities available at the base, along with the estimated costs and environmental benefits of each opportunity. EPA, the State of Alaska, and EAFB have expressed a preference for hazardous air contaminant reduction projects. A supplemental agreement setting forth the specific additional P2 opportunities to be implemented will be developed with the assistance of stakeholders.

The traditional Alaska operating permit program would treat the entire EAFB installation as a single air contaminant emission source and EAFB would have 106 sources of regulated contaminants that would need to be addressed in its permit. Under these circumstances, the costs of obtaining and maintaining a Title V permit would be substantial.

The permit contemplated by the FPA applies to only a small segment of EAFB , including one source that is a major stationary source and several others that are subject to new source performance standards. The other sources at EAFB that will not be permitted will instead obtain limits on their potential-to-emit to ensure that they are not considered major sources. This will simplify monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting associated with Title V, and result in significant cost savings that will be applied to P2 projects. Elmendorf held public meetings to request input on the project. These meetings were publicized through local newspapers and personal contacts. In addition, Trustees for Alaska submitted a comment on the project. The comment and EPA's response are attached to the FPA.

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