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Yolo County

Yolo County (PDF File) proposes to operate its next 12-acre landfill module near Davis, California as a controlled bioreactor landfill to attain a number of environmental and cost savings benefits. As part of this proposal, Yolo County is requesting that the EPA grant regulatory flexibility from the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) prohibition in 40 CFR 258.28 regarding Liquid Restrictions, which may preclude addition of useful bulk or non-containerized liquid amendments, and flexibility on other restrictions regarding landfill cover and containment. Liquids including groundwater, and possibly gray water and food-processing wastes normally having no beneficial use, can beneficially enhance the biodegradation of solid waste in a landfill. Yolo County is also requesting flexibility in state regulatory requirements for bottom linings based on project performance, available controls, and environmental safeguards which have been demonstrated in their smaller-scale 9000-ton test program at the Yolo County Central Landfill.

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