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Atlantic Steel


Jacoby Development Corporation, a developer in Atlanta, GA has proposed a 12 million square foot redevelopment of a 138-acre steel site owned by Atlantic Steel (PDF) (2 pp, 960K, About PDF). The project includes a multimodal (cars, pedestrians, bicycles, rail) bridge that would cross and provide access ramps to the adjacent highway as well as connecting the site to a nearby MARTA (mass transit) station. However, Atlanta is currently out of compliance with federal transportation conformity requirements and as a result, Atlanta is not allowed to use federal funds to add to its highway system nor may it construct certain types of transportation projects that require federal approval even if not federally funded. This prohibition extends to the proposed bridge from the Atlantic Steel site to MARTA The flexibility Jacoby is seeking through Project XL is to regard the entire brownfield redevelopment project, including the 17th Street bridge, as a Transportation Control Measure (TCM).

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