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City of Denton

In 1997, the City of Denton Environmental Services Division and the University of North Texas (UNT) Institute of Applied Sciences conducted an 18 month study to assess the feasibility of integrating the industrial pretreatment program activities with those required under the Phase II Stormwater regulations. Funding was made possible by an EPA 104 (b)(3) grant. Denton's XL project will allow it to continue implementation of recommendations resulting from that study, which was completed in March of 1998. Denton would like to reduce its monitoring and annual inspections for certain individually approved facilities and focus on pollutants in the urban stormwater drainage.

Superior Environmental Performance will be that saved resources will be reapportioned to watershed protection activities including inspections of vehicle maintenance facilities, recycling centers, junkyards, salvage yards, municipal and school district fleet service operations, construction sites, establishment of a remote creek monitoring network, and incorporation of pollution prevention BMPs into the local code of ordinances.

Denton's proposal is unique in that it proposes to integrate its flash-flood early warning system with transmission of realtime water quality data from remote monitoring stations both up and down stream of the POTW. The system will be connected to dispatchers, emergency response crews, and the facility. Biological sensors being developed by UNT will be tested as devices to trigger the collection of water samples by automatic samplers. Alternative BMPs to prevent erosion and runoff through recycled mulch products from the biosolids composting operation will also be developed."

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