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Lead-Safe Boston (LSB)

Project Desciption
Lead Safe Boston (LSB) is a federally funded de-leading assistance program that operates under the City of Boston's Department of Neighborhood Development. The program provides a combination of grants, loans and technical assistance to property owners throughout the City of Boston, MA. In this XL project, LSB seeks regulatory flexibility that will reduce the costs and time associated with the handling and disposal of lead based paint architectural debris. The cost and time savings proposed in this project, will enable LSB to abate lead from an additional twelve residential units that will in turn reduce exposure risks for roughly thirty inner-city children in Boston's Dorchester and Roxbury neighborhoods.

Regulatory Flexibility
In this XL project, LSB will utilize provisions in the Hazardous Waste Exclusion Rule in order to forego costly TCLP testing and to dispose of lead debris from their lead abatement projects in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills. In their proposal, LSB states that use of the Hazardous Waste Exclusion Rule will allow them to more quickly perform their federally funded abatement projects at reduced costs. The provisions in the HWE Rule will be invoked through use of Policy Memo developed by the EPA Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) that will reinterpret the existing HWE regulations so that they apply to contractors performing lead abatement activities in residential houses. Once the project is finalized, the provisions in the OSWER memo will be available for use on a nationwide basis by any contractor performing residential lead abatements in residential dwellings.

Superior Environmental Performance
Once implemented, this XL project will enable LSB to abate more residential units and thereby decrease the lead based paint exposure risk for an estimated thirty additional children in Boston. Additionally, the OSWER Policy Memo created during the development of this XL project will allow contractors from across the country to perform residential lead abatements more quickly and at reduced costs.

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