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Base Data Maps

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Study Area Orientation
Study Area Orientation map
City/County Reference
County Reference map
2000 Landsat Image
2000 Landsat Image map
Land-Cover 2003
Land-Cover 2003 map
Land-Cover 1990s
Land-Cover 1990s map
Land-Cover 1980s
Land-Cover 1980s map
Land-Cover 1970s
Land-Cover 1970s map
Water-Quality Sampling Locations
Water-Quality Sampling Locations map
244 Subwatersheds
244 Subwatersheds map
Stream Network
Stream Network map
Road Network
Road Network map
Selected Field Validation Points
Selected Field Validation Points map
8-digit HUCs
8-digit HUCs map
National Elevation Dataset
National Elevation Dataset map
National Land-Cover Dataset
National Land-Cover Dataset map
STATSGO Soils map

The Upper White River study area orientation map and (Landsat) satellite imagery is provided to acquaint the user of this browser with the extent of land that has been assessed by this project and the distribution of land-cover types throughout the region. Land-cover maps are provided for the dates and decadal intervals indicated, and have been produced to specifically address the analysis questions of the stakeholders in the region (i.e., with regard to the potential interactions between surface water-quality and the spatial and temporal distribution of urban and agricultural areas). For this reason, the number of land-cover classes was intentionally kept to a minimum in order to address the specific questions of stakeholders, and to provide maximum land-cover classification accuracy. Initial land-cover validation sampling indicates an overall accuracy of the 2003 land-cover map in excess of 95% (N=73). The landscape metrics throughout this browser are based upon the land-cover and other maps provided in this section.

Other base data maps are provided in this section to generally depict important boundaries, features, and sampling locations used in the analyses that are provided in this browser.

*** For additional information on the Upper White River search project or to obtain an electronic copy of the complete datasets (maps) please contact Richard Steele at steele.richard@epa.gov / 702 798.2218 ***


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