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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations

MACT EEE Combustion Basics Training

November 2008

The Hazardous Waste Combustion MACT EEE Training was held in Dallas during the week of November 3. The training was conducted by the contractor ENSR/AECOM and about 50 people from both EPA and states attended the training. The training focused on combustion basics, history of the HWC regulations, requirements for the various categories of the combustors, permitting process, and special topics incorporating MACT testing and RCRA trial burns.

For additional information contact Harry Shah at (214-665-6457) or email: shah.harry@epa.gov

Session A1: Combustion Basics.pdf [421 Kb]

Session A2: Combustion Engineering.pdf [478 Kb]

Session A3: Combustion Equipment.pdf [1050 Kb]

Session A4a: APC Equipment.pdf [1560 Kb]

Session A4b: Monitoring.pdf [1010 Kb]

Session B1: Existing Regulations.pdf [446 Kb]

Session B2: Area Source BIF MTEC.pdf [335 Kb]

Session B3: CPT and MCS Plans.pdf [428 Kb]

Session B4: FAP Training.pdf [424 Kb]

Session B5: SSM and O&M Training.pdf [369 Kb]

Session B6: CEMs Operator Training.pdf [362 Kb]

Session C1: QAPP Review.pdf [360 Kb]

Session C2: RCRA Omnibus.pdf [278 Kb]

Session C3: Combining Risk Burns and CPT.pdf [284 Kb]

Session C4: Site Specific Risk Assessment.pdf [416 Kb]

Session C5: PCB Combustion.pdf [311 Kb]

Session C6: Stack Testing.pdf [980 Kb]

Session C7: CPT Observation.pdf [460 Kb]

Session C8: CMS PET Observation.pdf [261 Kb]

Session C9: On Site Lab Observation.pdf [283 Kb]

Session C10: Reviewing Test Data.pdf [302 Kb]

Session C11: Emission Rate Calculations.pdf [354 Kb]

Session C12: Establishing OPLs.pdf [350 Kb]

Session C13: NOC-FOC.pdf [267 Kb]

Session C14: CPT Failures.pdf [281 Kb]

Session C15: RCRA Permitting Issues.pdf [289 Kb]

Session C16: Title V.pdf [286 Kb]

Session D1: Alternative Monitoring.pdf [190 Kb]

Session D2: DILO Testing.pdf [180 Kb]

Session D3: ADI Database.pdf [179 Kb]

Session D4: Demil and checklists.pdf [632 Kb]

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