Catalog of Environmental Programs 2012

                                    Federal agencies that contribute to EPA's environmental goals, and how they make a difference.
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1. Climate Change and Improving Air Quality
2. Protecting America's Waters
3. Cleaning Up and Sustainable Development
4. Safety of Chemicals and Preventing Pollution
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What is the Catalog of Environmental Programs 2012?

The Catalog is a browsable online database of interagency environmental activities which helps describe the extent to which federal agencies play a role in environmental protection. The Catalog aligns interagency activities with strategic goals, objectives, and programs of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Why Was the Catalog Created?

We created this Catalog to illuminate the federal landscape of environmental protection. Before the EPA was established in 1970, more than a dozen federal agencies had environmental responsibilities, resulting in the lack of an organized, concerted focus to address pollution and degradation caused by prior years of environmental neglect. Over 40 years after EPA’s creation, EPA continues to share responsibility for environmental protection with many stakeholders.

EPA’s success in protecting the environment depends on the efforts of federal, state, local and tribal government partners. Some of these partners have more authority than EPA over activities that impact the nation’s environment. Given this, it is important that EPA, other federal agencies, Congress and the public have an understanding and appreciation of government-wide environmental programs. In addition, the Catalog provides one method for federal agencies to list collaborative efforts to address goals under the 2010 Government Performance and Results Modernization Act.

How Was the Catalog Developed?

The EPA Office of Inspector General (OIG) first launched the Compendium of Environmental Programs in September 2002, and updated the Compendium in 2005. This latest edition has been renamed the “Catalog of Environmental Programs” to better define its purpose.

To develop the Catalog, EPA OIG:

  • Conducted internet research to verify whether programs listed in the 2005 Compendium still exist, and to identify additional interagency and EPA programs;
  • Related the interagency programs to EPA’s strategic goals and objectives using informed judgment; and
  • Vetted research results with EPA program offices.

The Catalog is a comprehensive database of 269 federal environmental programs and reflects EPA-OIG’s best research using available on-line resources. It is not an exhaustive list, as it does not capture all federal environmental protection efforts. However, EPA-OIG believes it is an important resource for identifying federal environmental activities. Research website sources were last accessed in early 2012.

About EPA’s Strategic Goals

The EPA 2011-2015 Strategic Plan has five strategic goals that reflect what the Agency hopes to achieve on behalf of the American people. This Catalog focuses on Goals 1 through 4:

   Goal 1: Taking Action on Climate Change and Improving Air Quality
   Goal 2: Protecting America’s Waters
   Goal 3: Cleaning Up Communities and Advancing Sustainable Development
   Goal 4: Ensuring the Safety of Chemicals and Preventing Pollution
   Goal 5: Enforcing Environmental Laws

The Plan recognizes that numerous entities are vital to the Agency’s success – federal, state, tribal, and local governments, and cooperating partners and stakeholders.

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How to Use the Catalog

Individual programs can be accessed in three different ways—by EPA Goal, by Agency, or by browsing all programs. Anywhere in the catalog, you may click any goal or agency link to access those list views. You can sort/order columns by clicking the header arrows. Then simply click the program title links to learn about the program, its origin, and other related environmental programs.

Featured Topic Programs

These particular programs are highlighted because of their current topical relevance, in addition to their contribution to the federal environmental landscape. Climate Change, Sustainability, Homeland Security and Watershed Protection are issues that affect many parts of our country, and as a result, many federal agencies.

Featured Topic Agency   Program
Climate Change DOC NOAA Climate Services Portal
Climate Change DOE Atmospheric System Research
Climate Change DOT Transportation Climate Change Clearinghouse
Climate Change USDA Forestry and Agriculture Greenhouse Gas Modeling Forum
Sustainability DOC Climate Modeling
Sustainability ED Green Ribbon Schools
Sustainability NASA Environmental Management Division
Homeland Security DOD ECBC - Homeland Defenses Business Unit
Homeland Security HHS Office of Preparedness and Emergency Operations
Homeland Security HUD Community Development Block Grants
Watersheds DHS Chesapeake Bay Program
Watersheds DOC Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Water Quality Protection
Watersheds DOD Partner in the Gulf of Mexico Program
Watersheds DOI Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
Watersheds USDA Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative

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