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Droughts and Wildfires

Higher temperatures brought on by climate change are expected to increase the amount of moisture that evaporates from land and water, which will also cause rainfall patterns to shift. In many areas, these changes will lead to more frequent and severe droughts, which occur when an area receives less water than usual. Hot temperatures and dry conditions also increase the likelihood of wildfires. Go on an expedition to southwestern Africa to learn more about drought and climate change.

Learn about who is most affected and some of the things we can do to prepare now and in the future:


Who Is Most Affected?

  • Farmers
  • Ranchers
  • People living in places that are already dry

If a Drought Happens...

  • Conserve water in your home and workplace
  • Use irrigation techniques that use less water

To Prepare for the Future...

  • Plant crops and grasses (for livestock) that can handle drought
  • Landscape your yard with plants that don't require a lot of water
  • Use water–efficient appliances and fixtures in your home


Who Is Most Affected?

  • People living in wildfire–prone areas, such as California and the Rocky Mountain states
  • People with asthma or other lung or heart conditions
  • Campers
  • Hikers

To Prevent Wildfires...

  • If you build an outdoor fire, make it safe and make sure it's completely out when you're done
  • Don't use stoves, lanterns, or heaters inside a tent
  • Have fire extinguishers on hand

To Prepare for the Future...

  • Avoid building homes in extremely fire–prone areas
  • Build homes that are more fire resistant
  • Plant fire–resistant shrubs and trees around homes

Climate Challenge!

  1. Droughts can occur in any climate—hot or cold, dry or humid. True or false? Reveal answer>Reveal answer


  2. I am a continent that could be severely affected by droughts due to climate change. Rising temperatures and less rainfall could decrease food production up to 50 percent by 2020. This will increase malnutrition, which already causes 3.5 million deaths here every year. What continent am I? >Reveal answer


  3. On average, how many wildfires occurred each year from 1960 to 2013 in the United States?
    >Reveal answer
    1. 10,000
    2. 100,000
    3. 1 million


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