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Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

stakeholder contact points The Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards Draft Plan for Citizen Involvement in the Title V Program

What is the Purpose of This Plan?

When Congress enacted title V of the Clean Air Act and created the operating permits program, it envisioned an active, oversight role for citizens in which they would inform, work with, and hold accountable the agencies that issue the permits. Increased citizen understanding of and involvement with the operating permit program can help EPA achieve its mission by (1) complementing EPA's oversight with an additional level of oversight and accountability for the program, and (2) adding valuable information to permitting decisions. To achieve that purpose, OAQPS and the Regional Offices will work with State, local, and Tribal governments and citizens to increase the effectiveness of citizen involvement in their operating permit programs. Consistent with EPA's goals of expanding Americans' right to know about their environment and maximizing citizen participation, this draft plan outlines the major components of the Plan for Citizen Involvement that OAQPS will propose to adopt to strengthen citizen involvement in the title V permit process. The final plan will contain specific milestones, designated lead offices for specific tasks, and resources required to implement the plan.

What are OAQPS's Citizen Involvement Goals?

Our goals are to:

How does OAQPS Intend to Implement its Plan for Citizen Involvement?

The OAQPS proposes to adopt a three-part strategy for implementing its plan:

How will OAQPS Measure the Success of its Plan for Citizen Involvement?

The OAQPS must be able to demonstrate the progress it makes toward realizing its citizen participation goals.

To measure changes in the public's capacity to engage in the title V permitting process, OAQPS will use the following:

  1. Number of Comment Letters Received on Draft Permits
  2. Number of Interested Citizens Trained
  3. Citizen Accesses to EPA Web Page
  4. Presence, Size, and Activity Level of Formal Citizen Network .
  5. Citizens' Qualitative Assessment of Citizen Training
  6. Periodic Qualitative Consultation with Citizens re: Additional Steps to Improve Effective Participation
  7. Qualitative Assessment of Permit Changes Resulting from Citizen Participation
  8. Number of Citizen Petitions to EPA to Object to a Permit

To measure EPA's progress towards incorporating citizen participation into program policy and review of title V program implementation by permitting agencies, OAQPS plans to measure:

  1. Number of EPA Headquarters and Regional Office Actions Taken to Address Citizen Participation Issues

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