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Case Studies

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

experiences from the fieldThis selection of case studies and evaluations highlights public involvement and related experiences. Experienced public involvement practitioners can use these case studies to improve the effectiveness of their activities.

Those who are new to the field can learn how to apply a wide range of techniques. There is also a link to the ongoing public involvement activities of EPA's current Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) groups.

Stakeholder Involvement & Public Participation at the U.S. EPA: Lessons Learned, Barriers, and Innovative Approaches (PDF 150K About PDF) (January 2001). This report is based upon a review of over thirty formal evaluations and informal summaries from across EPA that describe and/or evaluate Agency stakeholder involvement and public participation activities.

Evaluation Resources Toolbox for Stakeholder Involvement – This toolbox provides summaries for all the documents referenced in the report above plus more recent work, sorted by topic and in alphabetical order.

Case Studies on Stakeholder Involvement Activities – Case studies (PDF 147K About PDF) from EPA's Constructive Engagement Manual detail a variety of stakeholder involvement activities.

Towards an Environmental Justice Collaborative Model Evaluation Report and Case Studies
Evaluation Report (January 2003) This document describes specific findings on the value of using partnerships to address environmental justice issues. It is based upon a cross-case analysis of six Interagency Working Group national demonstration projects. Specifically the evaluation describes (1) project process, activities, and outcomes; (2) key factors influencing project success and progress; 3) organizational styles, policies, and procedures influencing project success and progress; (4) value of partnering to address environmental justice issues; and (5) value of federal agency involvement in partnership efforts. In addition, several core findings and recommendations are provided. The second volume contains six case studies (January 2003).

Community Based Environmental Protection (PDF About PDF)– Examples of collaboration between diverse public and private stakeholders within specific geographic areas that facilitate: comprehensive identification of local environmental concerns; setting priorities and goals that reflect overall community concerns; and forging comprehensive, long-term solutions.

Negotiated Rulemaking – Full text of the Fact Sheet on Negotiated Rulemaking, January 1998, ("reg neg") at EPA. For more information on regulatory negotiations and policy dialogues, please contact EPA's Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center. https://www.epa.gov/adr/

Federal Advisory Committees – Brief description of the Federal Advisory Committee Act
(FACA) at EPA, and where to find out more about FACA at EPA.

FACA Guidelines (PDF 14K About PDF) These guidelines will help readers understand how the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) affects public involvement and collaboration work across EPA; provides case study examples.

Innovative Citizen Engagement processes used in other countries are changing the practice of public involvement. Visit the following websites for more information.

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