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Grants & Funding - Michigan

Program Name: Rural and Small Urban Areas- Michigan
Source: DOT- Federal Transit Administration
Funding Type: Grant
Frequency: Annual
Special Requirements: Recipients limited to State and local governments, non-profit organizations (including Indian Tribes), and public transit operators
Web site: http://www.fta.dot.gov/grant_programs/specific_grant_programs/non_urbanized/4161_ENG_HTML.htmExit EPA Disclaimer
Contact Name: Cathy Hudson
Phone: 517-335-2555
Email: Not available

Program Name: Michigan Clean Cities Coalitions
Source: Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth
Funding Type: Grant
Frequency: Periodic
Special Requirements: Periodic State funding for cities who belong to the Clean Cities Coalition
Web site: http://www.michigan.gov/cis/0,1607,+7-154-10401-42667--,00.htmlExit EPA Disclaimer
Contact Name: Tim Shireman
Phone: 517-241-6281

Program Name: Michigan State Infrastructure Bank
Source: Michigan Department of Transportation
Funding Type: Loan
Frequency: Periodic
Special Requirements: Loans for transportation improvements
Web site: http://www.michigan.gov/mdot/0,1607,7-151-9621_17216_18232---,00.htmlExit EPA Disclaimer
Contact Name: Deanna Finch
Phone: 517-241-4778
Email: finchd@michigan.gov

Additional Resources: State of Michigan Infrastructure Bank Guidelines - DRAFT - October 2003 (PDF) (5 pgs, 45 K About PDF)

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