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About WasteWise

Wastewise helps organizations and businesses apply sustainable materials management practices to reduce municipal and select industrial wastes.

Organizations can join WasteWise as a partner, endorser, or both. Partners demonstrate how they reduce waste, practice environmental stewardship, and incorporate sustainable materials management into their waste-handling processes. Endorsers promote enrollment in WasteWise as part of a comprehensive approach to help their stakeholders realize the economic benefits to reducing waste.

Launched in 1994, WasteWise has become a mainstay in environmental stewardship and continues to evolve to address tomorrow’s environmental needs.

Benefits of Joining


All U.S. businesses, local governments, and non-profit organizations can join WasteWise. WasteWise participants range from small local governments and nonprofit organizations to large multinational corporations.

WasteWise Endorsers engage state and local government agencies, trade associations, nonprofit organizations, and businesses to help educate their members, constituents, or clients about the benefits of reducing solid waste.


The SMM data management system enables WasteWise partners to collect, organize, analyze, and report their municipal solid waste and recycling information. WasteWise partners may log intoExit EPA the SMM data management system to view and edit organization information, track waste diversion activities, establish goals, and generate summary reports, including the WasteWise Climate Profile report.

Wastewise Requirements

WasteWise Participant Status Definition Guide



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