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WasteWise Requirements

Requirements for New Partners

As a new partner, you must first complete the following steps:

By March 31 of the next calendar year, you should complete a Partner Annual Data form with data from the calendar year you joined to see whether you achieved your baseline goal. You should also complete a Partner Annual Goal form, setting a goal for your first full year of participation thatís at least a five percent increase over the year you joined. By March 31 of every following year, you should report annual totals from the previous year and set a self-directed quantitative goal for the upcoming year. 

Requirements for Existing Partners

To remain an active participant in WasteWise, partners must complete the following steps by March 31st of each year in the SMM Data Management System:

Requirements for Endorsers

Endorsers should advance the mission of WasteWise through recruitment, education, marketing and outreach. All existing endorsers will complete a 2014 Endorser Annual Data form via the SMM Data Management System quantifying their endorser activities and a 2015 Endorser Annual Goal form setting activity goals for the upcoming year. Any new endorsers who joined this year will set their Endorser First Year goals and then report activities following their first full year of participation and set new goals.

Additional Information for Partners and Endorsers

For any questions or assistance regarding WasteWise requirements, please contact the WasteWise Helpline at (800) EPA-WISE or wastewisehelp@epa.gov.


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