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EPA Response to BP Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Vendor List

In response to the BP oil spill, EPA monitored air, water, sediment, and waste generated by the cleanup operations. Ongoing response and restoration efforts are posted to RestoreTheGulf.gov.

While emergency response data collection has ended, results continue to be available on this site. Any new data will continue to be posted to this site, and data will continue to be available here for the foreseeable future.

Much of the content of this site continues to be available for historical and information purposes, but we are no longer updating these pages on a regular basis.

EPA's Office of Acquisition Management has developed a central repository for EPA-wide contracting information relating to the BP Oil Spill off of the Gulf coast states. This central repository includes information that will be listed for viewing by agents acting on behalf of the government as well as contractors interested in support BP Spill activities.

Go to the Request for Information and the Vendor list spreadsheet

Note: Inclusion on the list does not constitute endorsement of any listed vendor. EPA offers no guarantee of any kind as to the vendor’s qualifications, responsibility, socio-economic status, technical or past performance, nor the validity of any technical claims. EPA has not evaluated, prequalified or certified these vendors in any way, for any BP Oil Spill procurement in any way.

To submit information

Vendors or contractors interested in doing business related to the BP Spill should send an email containing ALL the following information:

  1. Contractor Name
  2. Contractor Address
  3. Contractor Point of Contact
  4. Point of Contact Phone Number
  5. Website Address
  6. Type of Product of Service Available
  7. Description of Products, Services, Capabilities, NAICS Codes
  8. Primary Media or Technical Emphasis
  9. Socio-Economic Status

Send the email to Eric Ward ward.eric@epa.gov. No calls please. Information submitted will generally be reviewed and added by the end of the next business day.

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