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Site Guide

This Web guide has been developed to assist you in your research efforts by defining formats and standards used within the EMAP exhibit. The guide also points out innovative features, makes web browser selection and configuration suggestions and proposes screen resolution settings for best operation and performance while "surfing" this site.

We have made every effort to keep image and other file sizes to a minimum to ensure faster transmission over the Internet. However, if you want to further speed Web page download times, you may choose to disable image loading from your Web browser.

EMAP Data Formats

Data are formated in two EPA standards; ASCII text files and ARC/INFO Exit EPA export files. Several software packages are available to help the public use EPA data. (See also the EMAP Information Management Policies page for an overview of guidelines and standards used in the program.)

EMAP Document Standards

The U.S.EPA document standard is currently Corel Corporation's WordPerfect Exit EPA. Other document formats used to enhance document quality and usability are HTML, ASCII text, and PDF (Portable Document Format). PDF is the de facto standard for electronic distribution of documents. Software for viewing PDF files (Acrobat Reader) is freely available from Adobe Systems Inc. Exit EPA.

Innovative Features

To assist in navigating this site, we have included a graphical Site Map available as a link at the bottom of every page. We've also implemented some Java, Javascript, and DHTML (Dynamic HTML) fuctionality to aid accessibility to EMAP information and products. Examples of these enhancements are automated drop down lists, a scrolling message window on EMAP's main page, a glossary term lookup application, and floating "Top of Page" buttons that move as a page is scrolled.

Software Requirements

This site was created for best viewing with Netscape 4+ and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+ web browsers; however, it should still be reasonably functional and readable with other browsers and earlier versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer. For information on the most recent versions of either Netscape or Internet Explorer, click on one of the icons below.

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Screen Resolution

This site is best viewed with a monitor resolution setting of 800x600 pixels (except where otherwise indicated). To check the current setting of your monitor or change your monitor resolution to this setting follow the instructions below.

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Disabling Image Loading

Use the following steps to disable the automatic image loading feature of your browser. Most if not all functionality of this Web site will still remain even with images disabled.

To turn the image function back on, use the same process described above for your browser, and reload the page. For some versions of Netscape, a new icon will appear in the toolbar after turning the "Automatically Load Images" feature off, that will let you load images for just the page that you are on.

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If you have persistent problems viewing or using this site, and are following the recommended viewing guidelines, please send us a comment describing the problem, and give the URL of the page(s) not working correctly.

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