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PAYT Toolkit

The PAYT Toolkit is a collection of products designed for local officials who are interested in implementing a PAYT program. The Toolkit contains the following resources:

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Pay-As-You-Throw Workbook



Section One: Presentation Materials
 Presentation Agenda (PDF) (1 pg, 64K)
 Survey of Attendees (PDF (2 pp, 96K)
 Evaluation Form (PDF) (2 pp, 65K)
 Reproducible Masters for Creating Overheads (PDF) (24 pp, 983K)
 Talking Points for Overheads (PDF) (25 pp, 888K)

Section Two: Public Outreach Materials
 Fact Sheets
 Other Outreach Strategies (PDF (4 pp, 227K)
 Clip Art (PDF) (4 pp, 398K)
Section Three: Worksheets
 Seven worksheets to help you define goals, set rates, and monitor (PDF) (21 pp, 347K)
Section Four: Annotated Bibliography
 More than 50 articles, studies, and reports on variable rate programs
[The Consumer's Handbook for Reducing Solid Waste]
 A handbook to help residents reduce waste and recycle more
Lessons Learned About Unit Pricing

A practical guide for designing and implementing a pay-as-you-throw program

PAYT Video

A multipart video featuring PAYT experts explaining how PAYT works in real life.

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