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PAYT Bulletin Archives

Summer 2010

  • New PAYT Study Shows More Sustainability Surprises
  • Is PAYT a Smart BET? Use EPA's BET tool to calculate GHG and cost reductions.
  • States Make a Bold Statement About PAYT
  • Rural PAYT Programs
  • SMART Cities: Concord, New Hampshire

Spring 2009

  • People Around the World Weigh in on the "Great PayT Debate"
  • Czech it Out — European Union Studies Find PAYT Doubles Recycling Rates
  • New Resources Coming Your Way...You Can “BET” On it
  • Toronto’s Target 70 is a Super Target
  • SMART Cities: From East to West, Big and Small, Cities are Increasing Recycling, Creating Jobs and Curbing GHGs

Summer 2008

  • Massachusetts Makes enormous Strides
  • New Hampshire Embraces PAYT
  • Bath and Brunswick Reaping Benefits from Recycling Efforts
  • Legislative Action in Iowa Leads to Widespread Implementation of PAYT
  • From Toronto to Taipei!
  • Aloha!
  • The Costs of e-Cycling

Fall 2007

  • Save the Date!
  • PAYT Bagged Leaf Collection in Longmeadow
  • Welcome, Toronto!
  • Ireland Study Gives PAYT a Thumbs Up!
  • PAYT in the News
  • Community Initiatives

Winter 2007

  • New Nationwide Statistics
  • PAYT Programs Across the Country
  • Coca-Cola Promotes PAYT

Fall 2006

  • PAYT Cities are Most Wise About Waste
  • Pay-As-You-Throw Reaps Dividends Across Massachusetts
  • Ireland "Becoming a Recycling Society"
  • Pay-As-You-Throw Piloted in UK Recycling
  • Global Environmental Research Includes Pay-As-You-Throw

Spring 2006

  • The Rise and … Rise of Pay-As-You-Throw
  • Yet Another Survey Supports Pay-As-You-Throw
  • Pay-As-You-Throw Takes Off on International Flight
  • Littering: Undesired Side Effect of Pay-As-You-Throw?

Fall 2004

  • Kansas City Phases Out the Garbage Fairy
  • St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Protects the Earth with PAYT
  • Bienvenidos a PAYT: Small Spanish Town Moves to Equitable Collection
  • Czechs Ponder—To PAY(T) or Not to PAY(T)
  • PAYT Crusader in Colorado Homeowners Association
  • College Town Gets Smart About PAYT

Spring 2004

  • Big City, Big State, Big Results: Fort Worth, Texas, Adopts PAYT
  • Dubuque Reaches Out to Iowa Neighbors
  • "Pay-By-Use" Adopted in Ireland
  • International Organization Recommends PAYT
  • PAYT Joins the Ivy League
  • Notable Professor Promotes PAYT

Fall 2003

  • EPA and PAYT Celebrate 10 Years of Growth and Success
  • Online PAYT Materials
  • Massachusetts Adds Newest PAYT Program
  • PAYT Goes Online


Winter 2003

  • Could PAYT Offer Hope for NYC's Recycling Program?
  • PAYT Programs Reduce Waste, Reason Study Documents
  • EU Promotes PAYT Using Innovative Technologies
  • Diamond Bar, California's Recycling Rate Skyrockets

Summer 2002

  • PAYT Helps Cities Protect Climate
  • Using PAYT to Educate All Groups of Citizens
  • Dubuque Brings the Whole Community Together
  • Through PAYT San Jose Increases C&D Diversion with PAYT Largest PAYT Cities

Winter 2002

  • Large Cities Use PAYT to Overcome Unique Challenges
  • Boulder Uses PAYT to Roll Fewer Cans to Curb
  • EPA Takes PAYT Campaign to Philadelphia and Dubuque

Summer 2001

  • San Francisco Makes a Good Thing Even Better
  • In Massachusetts, Recycling Is All About Attitude
  • Austin Becomes Fully Automated
  • Source Reduction Pays Off in PAYT

Spring 2001

  • Maine Turns to PAYT Workshops Support
  • Big-City PAYT Efforts
  • PAYT Grantee Update

Summer 2000

  • Massachusetts Makes PAYT a Priority
  • Berkeley, California
  • Fort Collins
  • Forest, Ohio
  • Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Reading, Pennsylvania
  • Study Recommends Statewide PAYT for Massachusetts

Winter 2000

  • PAYT From Sea to Shining Sea
      – Portland, Oregon
      – Portland, Maine
      – Athens-Clark County, Georgia

Fall 1999

  • Big Cities Explore PAYT
  • PAYT Success in Canada
  • PAYT Down Under
  • PAYT Continues to Grow

Summer 1999

  • PAYT, Climate Change, and You
  • PAYT and Sustainability
  • PAYT in Print

Spring 1999

  • Rate Structure Design Booklet Now Available

Fall 1998

  • Evaluating and Enhancing a PAYT Program: Tacoma, Washington
  • State PAYT Initiatives Get Results

Summer 1998

  • PAYT Programs Thrive on Personalized Outreach
  • Help with Illegal Dumping

Spring 1998

  • PAYT Gets Boost from Massachusetts Planner

Winter 1998

  • PAYT Video Covers Key Issues
  • Source Reduction Planning Tools Available

Fall 1997

  • New Studies Document PAYT Results
  • Experts Offer Key Strategies at PAYT Video Conference

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