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Advancing the Next Generation (NexGen) of Risk Assessment

NexGen - Advancing the Next Generation of Risk Assessment

The landscape of risk assessment is changing with new advances in molecular biology, the advent of several recent and important reports from the National Research Council, and volumes of new test data emerging from the Toxicity Testing in the 21st century (Tox21) collaboration and European REACH programs.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is exploring this new science to determine the how to incorporate it into currently emerging and future risk assessments. This effort—Advancing the Next Generation of Risk Assessment (NexGen)—is a collaborative effort among EPA's Office of Research and Development; National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences / National Toxicology Program; Centers for Disease Control / Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry; National Human Genome Research Institute; and the State of California’s Environmental Protection Agency.

NexGen is a component of EPA’s Chemical Safety for Sustainability (CSS) Research program and is focused on fostering practical applications on new methods in risk assessment.

Key Objectives

NexGen: The Future of Chemical Risk Assessment

Federal and state agencies are collaborating to make chemical risk assessment more responsive and efficient.

NexGen: Informed Decisions for Healthier Lives

These more effective and efficient chemical risk assessments will help you make more informed decisions and lead a healthier life.

NexGen: A New Road for Chemical Risk Assessment

You can help create a new roadmap for a more solution-oriented, efficient, and effective chemical risk assessment process.

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