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Advancing the Next Generation (NexGen) of Risk Assessment

Basic Information

What is NexGen?

NexGen aims to create a cheaper, faster and more robust system for chemical risk assessment by incorporating new knowledge about molecular system biology. The goal of NexGen is to incorporate advances in molecular systems biology into risk assessments. NexGen is creating approximations, learning from these efforts, and refining the next versions based on this new knowledge. The development of new prototypes will serve as the fundamental basis for examining proof of concepts, assessing the value of new information, and developing decision rules for use of new information.

NexGen works to advance health assessment science to support decision-making and risk management. It also supports EPA’s Chemical Safety for Sustainability research efforts. The evaluation of the latest science into risk assessments is anticipated to significantly advance the field of risk assessment and to have broad interest.

How do I find out more ?

Read about NexGen workshops, get the latest updates from the NexGen Web site, ask questions, get involved!

Where does it impact me?

Everywhere: home, work, family and life. Since everyday decisions deal with risk analysis, NexGen as a philosophy touches us in many ways.

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