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Municipal Government Toolkit

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The Municipal Government Toolkit (MGTK) was designed to provide the information and resources necessary for state and local governments to make successful recycling programs a reality. The MGTK is a compilation of fact sheets, case studies, recycling reports, and links to online tools aimed at helping you improve your community recycling program. Whether you need help with the basics of starting a recycling program, or want to know more about the role of recycling in the Southeast, the Toolkit provides the tools you need to address the issues municipal governments face when it comes to recycling.

Check out the following for information to help your community on its way to efficient recycling:

Starting a Recycling Program: So you have heard about the impact of recycling and the difference it can make in your community, but have you started yet? Whether you wear many hats and need assistance with getting your program off the ground, or you simply do not know where to start, this section will provide six key considerations to help you get started.

Improving Your Recycling Program: There is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to recycling. But, what does it take to send your recycling program to the next level? Checkout these eight key points to consider and see what steps you can take to see positive results in your community.

Economics and Recycling: Recycling has benefited the entire Southeast by providing jobs paying higher than average, increasing tax revenue, and boosting local and state economies. This site explains the economic benefits of recycling in the Southeast and provides case studies of communities that make recycling a priority.

Climate Change and Recycling: The climate change debate is a concern for many communities and their leaders. However, many leaders do not know how they can help mitigate climate change without making their lives difficult. This site focuses on how recycling and source reduction offers an effective, yet simple way to reduce the effects of climate change.

Community Development and Recycling: Communities focused on smart growth are turning more and more to the use of recycled products in their buildings and roads. Recycling activities have also become opportunities for communities to raise funds for community projects. This section focuses on fostering sustainable growing communities through comprehensive and efficient recycling programs. It also addresses common recycling myths that often serve as barriers to increased participation in community recycling programs.



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