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Basic Municipal Government Toolkit for Recycling

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The Municipal Government Toolkit (MGTK) is a web-based resource intended to help local governments, elected officials, and recycling program coordinators simplify the process of starting or improving recycling programs in their communities. The MGTK is a compilation of fact sheets, case studies, recycling reports, and links to online tools aimed at helping you improve your community recycling program. The MGTK provides a centralized resource for recycling-related information specifically selected because it may be useful for recycling program coordinators in the Southeast.

Development of MGTK provides a key resource to elected officials and decision makers so they can easily identify the information needed to evaluate, support, and expand their waste reduction programs. Information on local recycling ordinances has been compiled and organized for inclusion in the MGTK. Fact Sheets were created to address topics such as the effects of waste reduction and recycling on climate change and community development.

The MGTK website provides other guidance documents, resources, and serves as a clearinghouse to help decision makers find the information and resource materials necessary to shape and define their recycling programs. Keyword and search functions, as well as frequent questions were developed to support this tool.

The diagram below provides the basic structure of the Municipal Government Toolkit website.

Schematic diagram of MGTK website


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