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Economics and Recycling Links and Resources

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Economic Resources

U.S. Recycling Economic Information Study: The U.S. Recycling Economic Information (REI) Study is an unprecedented national study that demonstrates the importance of recycling and reuse to the U.S. economy. The study, commissioned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and numerous states through a cooperative agreement with the National Recycling Coalition, clearly shows what many have known for a long time—that "Recycling is Working."

EPA Region IV Recycling Web site: This Web site provides resources and information on recycling in the Southeast, and recycling outreach ideas including artwork, ads, and state contacts.

Recycling Market Information: Check out EPA’s Web site for more information on recycling markets and commodities.

State-Specific Waste Exchanges: This EPA website contains information regarding waste exchanges for buying and selling reusable and recyclable materials.

Jobs Through Recycling: While the Jobs Through Recycling (JTR) Program is no longer active, this Web site continues to provide recycling market development information for state and local officials, sources of technical and financial assistance for recycling businesses, and information on the economic benefits of recycling.

State Economic Resources

Georgia Statewide Waste Characterization StudyExit EPA Disclaimer: In 2005, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs hired a third party to conduct a multi-phase, statewide municipal solid waste (MSW) characterization study to better understand the composition of solid waste being disposed in Georgia.

Kentucky's Statewide Solid Waste Management ReportExit EPA Disclaimer: Check out this site for more information on Kentucky’s solid waste data and recycling programs.

Recycling Means Business: North Carolina Pollution Prevention ProgramExit EPA Disclaimer: In March 2005, the North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance (DPPEA) released a report entitled Recycling Means Business in order to express to elected officials that "North Carolina's recycling economy is one of the fastest growing job engines in the state."

Recycling Market Cooperative of Tennessee (RMCT)Exit EPA Disclaimer: RMCT is a state-wide recycling cooperative that provides assistance to communities of less than 10,000 people.

Regional and State Recycling & Economics Studies: EPA has compiled links to several economic assessments from various states which can be found here.

South Carolina 2005 Solid Waste Management ReportExit EPA Disclaimer: State recycling data from fiscal year 2005 can be found here.

Southeast Recycling Development Council, Inc. (SERDC)Exit EPA Disclaimerserves to unite industry professionals, government agencies and individuals engaged in the business of recycling, to foster communications among these groups, to promote sustainable recycling programs, and to coordinate education and public awareness activities related to recycling.

Tools for Assessing the Economic Impacts of Recycling

Full Cost Accounting (FCA) FCA is an accounting practice that can help local governments identify, assess, and manage the actual costs of MSW programs. FCA can help make informed decisions about MSW operations, facilitate cost-saving efforts, and better plan for the future. The Web site contains publications, contacts and links, and questions and answers on FCA.

Economic Fact Sheets

Economics Fact Sheet (PDF) (6 pp, 167K, About PDF)

Recycling is Working in the U.S.A. (PDF) (4 pp, 66K, About PDF)

Recycling Means Business (PDF) (20 pp, 1645K, About PDF


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