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Reducing Diesel Emissions

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What are some actions being taken to reduce diesel emissions in the Midwest?

Regulating Diesel Emissions Nationally

EPA has developed regulations to reduce diesel emissions.

October 2006: The Clean Diesel Trucks and Buses and Low Sulfur Diesel Rule requires cleaner heavy duty engines beginning in model year 2007, and also mandates clean fuels like ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD).

May 2004: EPA promulgated the Clean Air Non-Road Diesel Rule that will result in dramatic pollution reductions from non-road, heavy-duty diesel engines in construction, agriculture and industrial equipment. In 2030, when these rules are fully implemented, harmful pollution will be cut by 95 percent.

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National Voluntary Efforts

Legislative Provisions

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 authorized funding for a variety of energy-related activities, including Diesel Truck Retrofit and Fleet Modernization Program.

National Clean Diesel Campaign

The National Clean Diesel Campaign (NCDC) is focused on reducing diesel emissions nationally and is committed to successfully implementing the diesel engine emission rules as well as promoting the reduction of emissions for existing diesel engines through cost-effective and innovative strategies, including the use of cleaner fuels, retrofiitting and repairing existing fleets and idling reduction among others.

EPA determined that general sectors for exisiting fleets provide the best opportunity to obtain significant reductions. Each sector program provides technical and financial assistance to stakeholders interested in reducing their fleets' emissions effectively and efficiently.

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Regional Voluntary Efforts

Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative

MCDI complements NCDC's nationlly-focused activities. MCDI leverages financial and technical resources and works with key stakeholders throughout Region 5 to reduce diesel engine emissions in its focus areas:

We partner with municipalities and school districts to reduce emissions from bus fleets and publicly-owned vehicles. MCDI works with partners to educate key groups about diesel technologies, fuels, and actions that can minimize diesel engine emissions.

Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative Overview (PDF) (4pp., 2.7MB) August 2006

Initiatives in other parts of the U.S.

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