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Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force

Galveston Task Force Meeting Agenda/Presentations

Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force
Task Force Meeting Agenda
June 27, 2011

Galveston Convention Center, Galveston Island, TX


8:00am Welcome and Introductions

Lisa P. Jackson, EPA Administrator, Task Force Chair
Garret Graves, LA Coastal Protection Authority, Task Force Vice-Chair

8:15am Welcome to Texas

The Honorable Jerry Patterson, Commissioner, Texas General Land Office, and Task Force Member
The Honorable Joe Jaworski, Mayor, Galveston

8:25am USACE Federal/State Coordination

Colonel Christopher Sallese, Commander, Galveston District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (PDF) (3pp, 427KB, About PDF)

8:30am Texas Vision & Perspectives on Gulf Restoration Priorities:

A Look at the Texas Coast: Its Lands, Waters, and Resource Challenges
Carter Smith, Executive Director, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (PDF) (18pp, 6MB, About PDF)

Changes Along the Texas Barrier-Island Coast
Dr. James Gibeaut, Professor, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi (PDF) (33pp, 6MB, About PDF)

Coastal Hazards and Social Vulnerabilities
Dr. Walt Peacock, Professor and Director, Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center, Texas A&M University (PDF) (26pp, 43MB, About PDF)

Resilient Coastal Communities
Dr. John Jacob, Associate Professor and Coastal Community Development Specialist, Texas A&M University (PDF) (16pp, 5MB, About PDF)

9:15am Overview of Meeting Format & Objectives

John Hankinson, Task Force Executive Director

9:20am Strategy Development Update: Status and Forecast of the Final Quarter Activities

Bryon Griffith (EPA) & Buck Sutter (NOAA), Task Force Deputies


9:40am 1) Science-based Adaptive Management

Introductions: Dr. Shelby Walker, Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force (PDF) (3pp, 389KB, About PDF)
Panelist: Dr. Larry McKinney, Executive Director, Harte Research Institute (PDF) (19pp, 3MB, About PDF)
Panelist: Dr.Matthew Harwell, Senior Fish and Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services (PDF) (19pp, 954KB, About PDF)

10:30am --- Break ---

10:40am 2) Community Education, Outreach, and Engagement

Introductions: Keala Hughes, Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force (PDF) (3pp, 1MB, About PDF)
Panelist: LaDon Swann, Director, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium (PDF) (13pp, 1MB, About PDF)
Panelist: Suraida Nanez-James, Education Program Manager, Gulf of Mexico Foundation
Panelist: Ericka McCauley, Public Information Officer, Galveston National Estuary Program

Public Engagement What We've Heard
Lee Harrigan, Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force Communications Team Lead (PDF) (17pp, 6MB, About PDF)

11:45am 3) International Collaboration

Introductions: Angela Bandemehr, Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force (PDF) (6pp, 963KB, About PDF)
Panelist: Galen Hon, Marine Program Lead, International Council on Clean Transportation (PDF) (7pp, 860KB, About PDF)
Panelist: Dr. Tom Minello, Supervisory (PDF) (12pp, 3MB, About PDF)

12:20pm -------- LUNCH BREAK ------

1:20pm Painting the Big Picture of the Future of the Gulf: Other Voices

Role of the Mississippi River Jim Tripp, Senior Counsel, Environmental Defense Fund (PDF) (12pp, 62KB, About PDF)

Industry Role in Gulf Restoration, Paul Kelly, Chair, Industry Panel, Ocean Research Advisory Panel (PDF) (5pp, 60K, About PDF)

Ecological Model of Gulf Priorities, Kacky Andrews, North American Oceans and Coasts Program Director, The Nature Conservancy (PDF) (26pp, 2.5MB, About PDF)

2:10pm Summary Review: Task Force Guidance Follow-up Actions

2:20pm Chair & Vice Chair Closing

2:30pm Meeting Adjourn - Transition to Public Listening Sessions

2:45pm Concurrent (General Public) Listening Sessions

Community Resilience Session (PDF) (7pp, 47K, About PDF)

Habitat Restoration Session (PDF) (7pp, 42K, About PDF)

LCM Resource Session (PDF) (3pp, 29K, About PDF)

Water Quality Session (PDF) (2pp, 23K, About PDF)

4:15pm Listening Sessions Adjourn

Outreach Listening Session (PDF) (3pp, 25K, About PDF)

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