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ecoAmbassadors: Environmental


"EJ ecoAmbassadors work in the community for the community."

Environmental Justice (EJ) ecoAmbassadors serve as advocates for environmental justice in low-income and minority communities. They work within their communities to improve neighborhood conditions and create healthy places to live.

The goal of EPA’s EJ ecoAmbassadors program is to help EJ ecoAmbassadors:

  • Reach a broad base of their stakeholders
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer education
  • Increase collaborative relationships
  • Support the efforts of community-based organizations

Using the train-the-trainer model, EJ ecoAmbassadors participants receive educational training on environmental health related issues that they can then teach to their local organizations and community members.  

How to Apply:
EPA will launch EJ ecoAmbassadors in the spring of 2011. Selected EJ ecoAmbassadors will be hosted in Washington, DC for a set of meetings and trainings during the summer of 2011.

  • Application Instructions
  • Application

2011 Participants

  • Here we would like to have pictures of the selected participants with a description of their project, previous work and local community profiles. This can be in the form of a US map where we can highlight EJ related projects and their accomplishments. As part of their project participants can create short videos related to their work, aspirations and why EJ is important to them.

Environmental Justice at Work
We would like to have the capacity to post videos, from the EJ video contest and other EJ related projects.

Environmental Justice Background

Career and Academic Development  

If you are interested in career or academic development, EPA offers permanent jobs, student employment, fellowships, grants and scholarships in Washington D.C., laboratories, and at regional EPA locations nationwide. You can see these opportunities, and a list of others that are outside of EPA, on our Careers and Internships page.

Contact Us: 
For more information regarding EJ ecoAmbassadors, please contact Rosanne Beltre: (202) 564-7241 or beltre.rosanne@epa.gov


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